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Perhaps most recognizeable as a host and video games media personality, Anna Prosser works day-to-day as Programming Manager for Twitch. She's also co-founder of Misscliks, an online community dedicated to providing support and exposure for women role models in geek and gaming culture (where she also livestreams weekly D&D games). She has lots of crazy stories, from moving to Dubai on 3 days notice to work as a lifeguard consultant, to being crowned Miss Oregon USA, to managing an esports house for Team Evil Geniuses. Anna is playing Evelyn Marthain, a human paladin of Lathander.

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D&D Shows[ | ]

MissCliks: Anna is one of the founders of MissCliks and currently is running a playthrough of the D&D starter set adventure.

Trapped in the Birdcage: Anna is a player on Holly's weekly Planescape campaign.

Social Media[ | ]