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Artus Cimber is an adventurer who wore the ring of winter for many years. The Wafflecrew found him in Kronenheim. They destroyed his ice vulture and told him to hand over the ring of winter.[1]Artus turned the white dragon Isohedrus into an ice statue.

In Port Nyanzaru, Artus befriended an agent of the Order of the Gauntlet and convinced the group to go to Camp Vengeance. [2] After helping the group fight off some Zhentarim assassins, Artus introduced the group to his friend, Dragonbait.[3] Artus succumbed to the evil of the ring and attacked the waffle crew while they were investigating a crashed airship. The group killed Artus, whose soul entered the Soulmonger. Paultin used Handrew to take the ring of winter from his corpse. [4]