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Barovia is a realm in the Shadowfell ruled by Count Strahd von Zarovich. Everyone in Barovia is trapped, unable to leave due to the mists that surround the realm. When the denizens die, their spirits wander the mists and are eventually reborn with no memory of their former lives.

The heroes were first drawn in by the mists while they were camping.[1] They escaped Barovia after they trapped Strahd in the doll. As they left, they saw rays of sunlight touching Castle Ravenloft for the first time in years.[2]

Evelyn and Paultin were suddenly drawn back into Barovia while they were eating waffles in Citadel Adbar.[3]

Notable Locations

D&D Lore

In D&D lore, Barovia first appeared in the classic AD&D adventure Ravenloft. In 2nd edition, it was revealed in the Ravenloft campaign setting boxed set that Barovia was just one of many "domains of dread" that all existed together in a dark demiplane. In 3rd edition, Barovia was revisited and expanded upon in Return to Castle Ravenloft. In 4th Edition, a bit of Barovia's history was revealed in "Fair Barovia", which ran in Dungeon 207.