Camp Vengeance

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Camp Vengeance is a fort in the jungle of Chult established by the Order of the Gauntlet. Artus Cimber and the waffle crew were asked to go visit the camp and help them deal with some problems. [1] Once the heroes arrived at Camp Vengeance, they were asked to investigate a tribe of grung, who had been attacking the camp. [2] When the waffle crew returned to the camp, it was under attack by a horde of undead. The group got ambushed by planar assailants and were pulled into a portal, but they were able to get back out. [3]

Denizens[edit | edit source]

Commander Breakbone: The leader.

Ord Firebeard: A dwarf lieutenant.

Umbril: Half-orc cleric of Torm.

Lorsa and Wolf: They were captured by the grung and freed by the waffle crew. [4]