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The Canaith Mandolin is a magical instrument, stolen by Paultin when he and the rest of the Wafflecrew travelled to Barovia's past.

A number of spells can be cast from the Mandolin once per day:  flyinvisibilitylevitateprotection from evil and goodcure woundsdispel magic and protection from lightning.

The Mandolin once belonged to Jesper, the "Bard of Berez", a famous bard who had been invited to play at Sergei and Tatyana's wedding. Yesper is assumed to be a distant relative of Paultin's due to their likeness to each other.[1]

Some time later when the Wafflecrew were attempting to escape Chult, Paultin attempted to buy them passage past Aremag using the Mandolin. He threw it into the water, however things did not entirely go as planned and it was swallowed along with Evil Paultin and the Halruaan Force Bomb.

It is presumed destroyed in the subsequent explosion.[2]