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Captain Ortimay is a gnome who owns the Brazen Pegasus, a ship that is often found docked at Port Nyanzaru.

She agreed to sail the Wafflecrew from Port Nyanzaru to Waterdeep. The ship was nearly capsized by the dragon turtle Aremag when the group threw the Halruaan Force Bomb in its mouth, but the Captain and her crew expertly handled the ship and rode the tsunami out to sea. She died when the ship was hit by a storm. [1] It was revealed that House Rajnar would be very upset when they learn that she has passed away. [2]

D&D Lore[ | ]

"The Brazen Pegasus is captained by Ortimay Swift and Dark (CG female rock gnome bandit captain with darkvision out to a range of 60 feet), who is both clever and calm." [3]

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