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Citadel Adbar is a dwarven fortress in Faerun. When the group first arrived there, the King asked the heroes to go investigate Ironslag.[1] Jasper and Waffles returned to Citadel Adbar while the group early, while the group finished up in Ironslag.[2] When the group returned, Evelyn brought Murderbot's parts to a creepy toymaker and paid him 500 gp to try to fix him.[3] Van Richten arrived at the citadel. He convinced the group to kill clerics of Lathander, who were hunting Lilith.[4] The heroes exposed the Bronzefire clan's treachery. They also learned that "King Harnoth" was actually a doppleganger of the real king, who had fallen ill.[5]With the aid of van Richten, the waffle crew performed a ritual to protect them from the death curse.[6] Evelyn ended up inhabiting a construct body created by Tyril Flamebane. A mysterious half-orc/half-dwarf approached Diath and gave him Gutter. The heroes were magically drawn into Barovia's past.[7] [8]

Locations[ | ]

There are many stores full of dwarven goods.

Store of a creepy toymaker named Tyril Flamebane.

The throne room, where King Harnoth rules from.

Rust monster pens down below the citadel.

A chained ogre that children throw rocks at.

Issues[ | ]

The dwarves of Citadel Adbar mixed with a "lower" clan. This is a major source of tension amongst the dwarves.

The dwarves suffered during the War of the Silver Marches and King Harnoth isn't doing so well. The group eventually learned that the real King Harnoth had fallen ill and had been replaced by a doppleganger. The doppleganger was worried that he was going to be killed by assassins from Yartar.[9]

Bounty[ | ]

The king pays 10 gp per orc head and 100 gp per giant head.

Denizens[ | ]

King Harnoth: Ruler of Citadel Adbar.

Elizart Urgray: A noble who wanted to hire Paultin to become a performer.

Jasper Dimmerchasm: A dwarf scout who was imprisoned in Ironslag.

Azon Bronzefire: Runs the Bronzefire clan. Sent Krak to retrieve the golem from Ironslag.

Tyril Flamebane: A toymaker who made Evelyn's construct body.