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Dee (Deedra) is a character played by popular guest star Erika Ishii. Dee is a tall, heavily-muscled woman with dark hair and scars all over her face. She is part of Rictavio's show. Dee is a strongwoman and she does card tricks.

She first met the group in Vallaki, and then rejoined them for a short time when they left the Amber Temple and rested in Van Richten's tower.[1]

It was implied that Paultin's Shadow (controlled by Strahd) attacked Dee in the tower while the rest of the crew was outside, but Chris claims that Dee is still alive on Sock Puppet Theater.

Episodes[ | ]

Episode 6 - All Will Be Well

Episode 7 - Unhappy Days

Episode 24 - Twitching Hour

Episode 25 - I Dream of Vistani