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Long ago, Diath was given a set of keys by a mysterious stranger. Diath has found that the keys have many uses. While in Sigil, Diath saw the person that gave him the keys. The individual looked like a human to him, but to Kerrek's perception, half of the man's face was angelic. Kerrek was sure that he was an aasimar. [1]

The Keys[ | ]

Diath can summon Shemeshka by putting a key in Gutter's keyhole. When she is summoned, Shemeshka will answer three questions in exchange for one key.

  • Key 1 (used): Shemeshka explained that she created Gutter for Dareth, and that the death curse was linked to Acererak. [2]
  • Key 2 (used): Shemeshka explained that Strix had been summoned by Omin Dran through the use of an infernal contract. [3]
  • Key 3 (used): Shemeshka gives the Wafflecrew what they need to call on the Sewn Sisters, who can help protect them from the death curse.[4]
  • Key 4 (used): Paultin forced Diath to use a key to summon Shemeshka, hoping she would save the group from an imminent explosion. Instead, Shemeshka took Diath to Sigil. Diath handed her the key once she agreed to send him back. [5]
  • Key 5: Diath decided to give Strix one of the keys for safe-keeping. When he handed it to her, a strange wave of energy washed over the entire area. [6]
  • Key 6: While the group was sailing to Waterdeep, Diath's keyring began to hum, and a new key appeared on his keyring. It appears unconnected to the original holders of the keyring or the Lorcatha, and came with a letter from the famous wizard Elminster.[7]
  • One key opened the lock on the Tome of Strahd, but it did not vanish.[8]
  • Diath was able to disable the Halruaan Force Bomb with one of the keys. The key remained in the bomb until being pulled out and thrown in the ocean by Evil Paultin during the negotiations with Aremag. [9] [10] Strix was able to retrieve the key by flying her broom into the ocean, narrowly escaping Aremag's bite. [10]