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Diath Woodrow, a human rogue, is one of the characters in Dice, Camera, Action, and played by ProJared.

Diath Woodrow
Race Human
Class Rogue (Thief)
Age 28 (appears 18)
Alias(es) Dorth (by Omin and Dr. Serenity Thexemoff), Ding Dong (by Warrington Munt), Hokage (by Paultin Seppa|Nathan Sharp|NateWantsToBattle)
Played by Jared Knabenbauer

Appearance[ | ]

Diath is a lean human with brown hair. He has a rope burn scar around his neck from an incident in Barovia.[1] He appears to be 18 years old, but he is actually 28 years older than that due to the effects of a magic potion.

Background[ | ]

Diath believes that he was born and raised in Waterdeep to a family that worked hard to get by. They weren't rich, but they also weren't poor. Until, that is, his family home was robbed.

It is possible that Diath was actually born in Sigil. Shemeshka once cast banishment on him, a spell that sends a creature to their home plane. The banishment sent Diath to Sigil. [2]

From there it was a struggle to survive every day. Diath did odd jobs wherever he could, and on especially unfortunate days, he resorted to begging on the streets.

He's long forgotten their face, but this was when one cloaked figure simply placed a set of keys into his hands instead of a copper piece. At the time, he did not know what the keys were for. The mystery person was later revealed to be an aasimar of Sigil. [3]

Eventually, Diath found himself in a tavern where a bunch of adventurers were throwing money around and bragging about their recent exploits. They saved a town called Phlan, and more recently, they killed a bunch of gnolls.

Diath decided to go and check out the gnoll lair, hoping to scavenge stuff they missed. He found a pouch. In it was an amethyst. It was only worth a couple of gold, but he considers it his most precious treasure. Diath had discovered a new path in life that could help him survive. [4]

One day, Diath was having lunch on a rooftop. In the crowd below, and he saw a "black mass" moving among the people of Waterdeep. It was Strix, who was living on the streets. He noticed that the people in the crowd were either avoiding or ignoring her.

He could see that she was hungry, so over the next few days, he started leaving her food anonymously. When he first tried to engage her, she cast a firebolt at him.

Strix and Diath traveled together for a few years having small adventures to fund their meager lifestyle. They eventually met the rest of the waffle crew at the Rusty Pommel.[5]

Personality[ | ]

Adventure and challenges are better than riches. Calm, collected, quick-thinking. Diath likes to think that he can get out of any situation quickly and smoothly.

  • Personality Trait: Seeking forgotten or lost riches is what Diath lives for.
  • Ideal: Everyone else's well-being is more important than my own.
  • Bond: I am physically weak and want to avoid confrontation.
  • Flaw: I do not steal, pickpocket, or rob others."[6]

Adventuring quickly became Diath's steadiest form of income. He does not desire fortune, but rather the tales and experiences he acquires from going on adventures. Any valuable gem, jewel, or trinket he discovered he kept for himself as a memento of how far he's come.

As a victim of petty theft himself, Diath refuses to outright steal. Diath has no interest in breaking into homes, cutting purses in the streets or taking from other citizens struggling to get by. For him, uncovering long-forgotten artifacts is far more valuable than any amount of coin.

Known Relatives[ | ]

Diath has learned the identity of two of his ancestors:   

  • Ashton (Father?) was an adventurer, apparently a rogue. He was friends with a half-orc/half-dwarf who eventually tracked down Diath and gave him Gutter, a magic sword passed down the Woodrow line. [7]
  • Dareth (Mother? Grandmother?) is who was originally given the sword by its creator, Shemeshka the Marauder. Dareth apparently lived in the city of Sigil. [8]

Key Events[ | ]

Here are some of the major events in Diath's adventuring life so far.

Hanging[ | ]

Diath was hanged for murdering a guard in Vallaki.[9] Unable to pass on for unknown reasons, he appeared as an invisble spirit that inhabited Paultin.[10] Eventually, he was raised from the dead by the Abbot.[11] He has a permanent rope burn scar around his neck as a result of this incident.

Dark Pact[ | ]

When Strix was slain by a vampire spawn in the Amber Temple, Diath made a pact with Zhudun the Corpse Star. It gave him the power to cast resurrection, but it also slowly turned him into a ghoul. [12] This eventually led to Diath eating part of Falkon's corpse.[13] He was able to cure this condition by drinking a mixture of wine and Saint Markovia's ashes.[14]

Murder of Arabelle[ | ]

Van Richten convinced Diath to kill a little Vistani girl with the hag pin. While it was done as part of a ritual to defeat Strahd, Diath was devastated over what he had done.[15]

Death of the Dwarven Slaves[ | ]

Diath tried to free the dwarven slaves of Ironslag by releasing Maegara from the iron flask, but Maegara burned them all to death and was free to roam the world.[16]

Death Curse[ | ]

Diath suffered from the death curse, slowly dying. Van Richten enacted a ritual, wherein Evelyn gave up her soul in order to create a ring that could stave off the curse for whoever wore it. The death curse ended when Evelyn passed into the Soulmonger.[17]

Gutter[ | ]

While in Citadel Adbar, he was approached by a half-dwarf/half-orc who handed Diath a magic sword. The stranger informed Diath that the sword had once belonged to someone named Ashton, and it is meant for his descendants to wield. The sword had a keyhole in it. He put one of his keys in it, and Shemeshka was magically summoned. She offered to answer three questions in exchange for one of his keys. It was an ongoing arrangement.[18]

Death in Barovia[ | ]

When the waffle crew traveled to Barovia's past, Diath was decapitated by Strahd. He was dead for 50 years, his spirit wandering the ethereal plane. Strix and the revenants of Argynvostholt brought him back to life.[19]

Lorcatha[ | ]

It has been said that Diath has an "ancient soul" that is tied to the Lorcatha clan, who are linked to angels. His soul seems to be something many creatures covet. Fenthaza wanted Diath to lead the yuan-ti, specifically because of his ancient soul. [20] Widow Groat revealed that Shemeshka actually has a piece of Diath's ancient soul, kept in a box in her home. She obtained it as payment for helping to negotiate the Ashton Concordance.

Stats[ | ]

Diath's current stats are:

  • Strength 8 (-1 Modifier)
  • Dexterity 20 (+5 Modifier)
  • Constitution 10 (+0 Modifier)
  • Intelligence 14 (+2 Modifier)
  • Wisdom 15 (+2 Modifier)
  • Charisma 12 (+1 Modifier)

Equipment[ | ]

Gutter: Given to him by a mysterious half-dwarf/half-orc. [21]

The Key Ring

2x Gloves of Thievery: When he wears them, they're invisible.

Bag of Holding

Padlock from Barovia

Ring of Protection +1

Stone of Good Luck: This was kept in an uncomfortable place. Specifically, the anus of a slave girl for hiding..[22]

Silvered Short Sword: Given to him by Ezmerelda in Castle Ravenloft.[23]

Moonsplinter: This dagger allows Diath to cast misty step once per round. When he does so, he gains 5 temporary hit points. When he throws it, he can use a bonus action to summon it back to his hand.

Locked Trunk: Diath keeps a locked trunk in his bedroom. In it is:

  • A piece of Strix's tattered robe from their time together before Barovia.
  • Currency from different cities, including Port Nyanzaru.
  • Diath Doll: Made by Strix. Has a note attached: "I promise I won't run away." [24]
  • Strix Doll: Made by Strix. It is animated and shivers a lot. It was a gift for Diath when she decided to sleep in her own room. With it is a note that explains this. [25]

Alchemy Jug: Found in a treasure chest recovered from a sunken ship near Waterdeep.[26] Diath gave this to a neighbor after the top floor of the group's home exploded.

Silver Whistle: Shaped like a wolf. Found in a treasure chest recovered from a sunken ship near Waterdeep.[27]

Book of Nursery Rhymes: Found in a treasure chest recovered from a sunken ship near Waterdeep.[28]

Spyglass: Found in a treasure chest recovered from a sunken ship near Waterdeep.[29]

Wooden Eyeball: Found in a treasure chest recovered from a sunken ship near Waterdeep.[30]

Wooden Pipe: Has a skull-shaped design. Found in a treasure chest recovered from a sunken ship near Waterdeep.[31]

Hangman's Noose: Found in a treasure chest recovered from a sunken ship near Waterdeep.[32]

Stories[ | ]

Jared wrote a story about Diath's final thoughts before being slain here.[33]

He also wrote a story for fun, which probably takes place before all of Barovia. It's called "Pies"