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Dragonbait is a saurial (dinosaur/humanoid) who is a frequent adventuring companion of Artus Cimber, and subsequently a companion of the Wafflecrew. Dragonbait is mute and communicates by emitting various odors.

Artus Cimber introduced him to the Wafflecrew in Port Nyanzaru. [1] Apparently as a favor to Artus, who could not travel with the group because of his notoriety, he travelled with the Wafflecrew as a stalwart companion through much of their adventures in the jungles of Chult.

When undead attacked Port Nyanzaru, Dragonbait led the waffle crew into the jungle, cutting back thick vegetation. [2] Dragonbait saved Wumba's life, pulling him out of a pit trap in a collapsing shrine. [3] When Klauth collapsed a wall on the group in Omu, Dragonbait held the rubble up, protecting Waffles until the group could dig her out. [4]

The Wafflecrew left him behind in Omu when they pursued Paultin though a portal to the Shadowfell, the baby triceratops Eighteen left behind with him as well as one of Miranda's last remaining vegepygmies, Potato. (They attempted to leave Waffles behind with him to keep her safe, but the owlbear refused to stay and barrelled through the portal after them).[5]

His current whereabouts are unknown.