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This is Episode 10 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 10: It Tolls for Thee[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

The Feast[ | ]

Diath's spirit is still in Paultin's body. Chris describes it as if they were two people in a car, both with one hand on the wheel. If they disagree, they roll opposed charisma checks. Paultin has a high charisma so Paultin's got the advantage there. A tie means no change.

A weird creature in the well is climbing up toward them. Paultin/Diath decide to cast sleep on it. It works. The creature falls 80 feet into the water way at the bottom of the well. It immediately wakes up due to the impact.

A mongrelfolk dragging a cauldron comes into the courtyard. It will spot Paultin if it looks in the well. Diath realizes he can leave Paultin's body and possess the creature with the cauldron!

He does it. Diath is now in the body of Clovin Belview, a mongrelfolk with a lobster claw and a second head. The other head is a baby head.

Conscience of the Mongrelfolk[ | ]

Diath tries to communicate with the creature he is possessing. Clovin starts mentally complaining about the other mongrelfolk. He wants to starve them. Diath pretends to be his conscience to get him to do what he's supposed to.

Clovin/Diath goes down a hall and spots a big creature. He offers it food.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group is in the courtyard. It's just them and the creepy creature chained to the post. The group gets together and Evelyn is finally convinced that Diath really is a disembodied spirit.

Evelyn immediately runs after Diath yelling "Yayyyy!"

Diath approaches the creature. It's a humanoid made from the body of many other creatures - a flesh golem. Diath tries to order it to feed the mongrelfolk. It picks up the cauldron and stands there.

Diath calls on the other mongrelfolk to come get the food, and he slips into a side room. In there, 4 mongrelfolk are brawling while a fifth one watches and cackles. He tells them to get food, but they think he's up to something. Diath tells them to "grow some balls" and he leaves.

He goes to a room across the hall. More mongrelfolk are in there. They hold empty bowls up at him. He grabs a ladle and starts feeding soup to the mongrelfolk.

Evelyn comes upon this scene. She uses her winged boots to take flight. She hugs the flesh golem and yells, "Diath!"

The golem thinks this is awkward. Diath sets her straight. Diath leaves the mongrelfolk body and is now an invisible ghost. The group gets together, grabs Diath's dead body and explores the place.

They come to a room that contains a table holding a humanoid shape covered by a black shroud. There's also a huge bell in here. This is the bell Clovin rang before dragging the cauldron out for feeding time.

Evelyn yells out for The Abbot. To the group's shock, The abbot answers. He's downstairs.

Vasilka and the Abbot[ | ]

Evelyn meets the Abbot. The Abbot is very handsome, almost like an angel. Next to him is the bride, "The Lady Vasilka." She bows.

Upstairs, Strix uses mage hand to see what's under the shroud. It's a creature made of stitched together parts. Somehow it has Paultin's head and some of Strix's body parts!

Evelyn talks to the Abbot. The Abbot agrees to raise Diath if the group will get a wedding dress. Evelyn congratulates the couple - she thinks the Abbot is marrying Vasilka.

Evelyn tries to persuade the Abbot to raise Diath now.

Diath possesses the body of Vasilka. He slowly realizes that this woman isn't alive. There are seams on her powdered skin. Vasilka is a flesh golem.

Diath is in control of Vasilka, and he tells the Abbot he doesn't need a dress to marry him. Evelyn offers to perform the wedding.

The Abbot points out that she is actually a gift for Strahd. He wants to try to calm Strahd down by giving him a bride.

Diath/Vasilka tells the Abbot that his heart belongs to him. The Abbot gets.. an erection. The Abbot is happy and flummoxed - he's at a loss for words.

Paultin spots a violin and plays it to enhance the moment.

Diath talks in a lady voice as Vasilka and tries to convince the Abbot to resurrect him. He trots out the phrase "light-touched folk" and finishes off by saying that the Abbot should: "...return their excellent and underappreciated friend."

Chris gives Jared inspiration!

The Abbot agrees to resurrect Diath right now.

The Resurrection[ | ]

Strix hates the Abbot. She breaks a candle and gets into an argument with the Abbot.

Evelyn unfurls the corpse burrito on the table. Diath's corpse is gray and white.

Strix threatens the Abbot. She says that if Diath comes back crazy, she's going to destroy him. She makes an intimidation check. She rolls a natural 20.

The Abbot casts raise dead. Vasilka staggers as the spirit of Diath leaves her and enters his own body. Strix watches closely and is certain that the Abbot used necromancy.

Paultin puts a hand on his shoulder and says: "Diath. You were inside of me." They share a moment.

Strix demands to see his spellbook. The Abbot says he doesn't need a book.

Chris asks Jared to roll a d100 but doesn't say why. It's a secret. Jared rolls a 29 (check out the left column on page 260 of the Dungeon Master's Guide).

Evelyn decides to use her paladin power of divine sense and she realizes that the Abbot is a celestial. She bows to him. Strix tells Evelyn that even celestials can be bad.

Evelyn decides to detect evil on the Abbot. She senses the presence of powerful evil coming from the Abbot and tells him so.

The Abbot gives a speech. He declares that there is no way he is evil. He tends to the mentally ill, he helps people, etc.

Evelyn says that sometimes good people inadvertently walk the wrong path.

To prove that he's good, the Abbot gives Diath a potion that can heal for 8d4+8.

Strix hates the Abbot and things are getting tense. The group seems uneasy about attacking someone who just raised their friend from the dead.

Paultin notices somebody watching them in the distance. She's got one wooden leg. It's the woman that Madam Eva told Paultin about in the fateful tarokka reading. That's where we stop.

The group hits level 5. Chris asks where the group will head next. They say the Wizard of Wines.