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This is the first part of the special Acq, Inc. crossover Episode 100 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Waffles Incorporated part 1[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Ryan) Donaar Blit'zen - Dragonborn Paladin

(Amy) Walnut Dankgrass - Wood Elf Druid

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

The DM for this session is Jerry Holkins.

Omin's Letters[ | ]

In Waterdeep, Evelyn receives a letter from Omin Dran. It is a formal request - Evelyn is invited to the inn owned by Propha, Omin's mother. She can bring a friend if she likes.

Paultin passes on the invite, but when he finds out there are drinks, he decides to go.

The journey takes 2 days. Paultin complains. He says he should have brought his Strahd chair.

Over in the town of Red Larch, Walnut also receives a letter from Omin. Rosie and K'thriss have been sent away. Omin admits he is smitten with Evelyn. Walnut's job is to make sure that Evelyn has a positive impression of Omin. "Under no circumstances are you allowed to fall in love" with Evelyn.

As Walnut reads the last line of the letter, the door swings open and in the frame of the door, an upper-planar creature seems to materialize. Music is heard, light is shed, a tiny plant is suddenly nourished. It's Evelyn.

Omin's mom greets Evelyn. Paultin enters the inn in a far less dramatic fashion.

The inn has a large window to the right. A small kitchen curves around the back wall. There's a painting of three children and a tiny stage. A stairway goes to a second floor. The place is not stylish, it is hardened - a solid, safe, stable place.

Omin's mom brings Evelyn over to the stove. She wants Evelyn to help cook. Anna rolls for it. A 7. Not so good. Evelyn says she's not much of a cook, she's more of a decorator.

Donaar is upstairs. He smells a feast cooking and heads downstairs. He and Evelyn have met before, sort of. They had a secret santa. Donaar sent her a signed picture of himself.

Paultin wants drinks. Free drinks. Walnut decides that the drinks are on the company tab.

Mom is not Mama Dran. Her name is Propha. Evelyn talks her ear off.

Walnut busts out a letter that she had found Omin test-writing. It was too Evelyn.

Walnut writes magically to Omin. Mother has been met. Cornerstone has been consumed. Omin is pleased so far.

Donaar comes over and talks to Evelyn with a  mouthful of food in his mouth. Donaar claims to be the owner. Mama Dran is listening and questions the claim. Donaar quickly races off to the bathroom.

The Mercykillers[ | ]

An armored individual approaches the bar. Propha warns Walnut to get away from the entrance. It's a dragonborn with a mouthful of teeth that are black and gold.

The person who enters wears black and red armor. Propha strikes him in the chest with her maul. She pulls out a small glass nail. She places the nail inside the door frame - she tries to nail it in to the door frame. She calls on Tymora for aid. Magic energy washes over the door.

Propha thinks this person is extra-planar. It's... a mercykiller. She assumes it's Paultin's fault. Evelyn points out that they kind of killed one Mercykiller. It was self-defense. Paultin says, "Chris. why are you like this?"

Roll initiative. Someone rolls a critical. Whenever someone rolls a 20, there's a giveaway.

Walnut tells Evelyn it is her duty to protect her. Paultin tries a crown of madness, but the Mercykiller resists it.

A Mercykiller is in the doorway. Evelyn tries to cast command, but the Mercykiller rolls a 20 on its save. "You're going to have to get up earlier in the morning for that to work, love."

Donaar also tries to cast command. The command is" monologue". The Mercykiller explains that he's going to find "the witch" and bring the rest of the heroes back to Sigil in pieces.

Walnut drops a moonbeam. It's sort of like a spotlight on the guy performing the monologue.

Paultin uses bardic inspiration to aid Evelyn. Evelyn is flying and kicking her little feet. That gives Evelyn an extra d10 to a roll.

Evelyn is powered up with inspiration, so she charges the Mercykiller not in the moonbeam. She rolls a 23 to hit. She kills the guy. Evelyn whispers to him, "May the Morninglord have mercy on your soul."

Walnut intensifies her moonbeam and the other Mercykiller dies. She looks to see if Evelyn notices. She did!

Walnut suddenly sees mist surrounding her. Propha holds her hand to her mouth. Walnut seems to be adorned in a ball gown. Paultin realizes that these are the mists of Barovia. Walnut hears a gentle goodbye from her deity, Mielikki.