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This is the second part of the special Acq, Inc. crossover Episode 100 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Waffles, Incorporated part 2[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Kate) Rosie Beestinger - Halfling Monk

(Kris) K'thriss - Drow Warlock

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

Visitors From Red Larch[ | ]

Strix gets a message in her hat from Omin. He's asking for help - he will be sending two of his best her way. He asks Strix to show them a good time. They are Rosie and K'Thriss.

Rosie is enraged that Omin sent her away. She's insulted. They enter Waterdeep and pass through a poor section of the city. Rosie is still angry.

Two hands cannot stretch a hat. That's what makes me so mad.

Vistani wedding ritual could free what remains of Evelyn's soul.

Diath gets angry when he realizes that Omin sent for Evelyn and Paultin.

The group hears banging and slamming around.

They introduce the visitors to Waffles the owlbear. Rosie is a little over 2 feet tall and she's worried Waffles will see her as a snack. Strix politely mentions that the group ate the owlbear's mom.

Diath isn't happy about Omin being alone with Evelyn. He wants to go to Red Larch.

They hear the sound of shattered glass. One of the windows downstairs. Somebody's saying "wee woo" over and over.

Strix turns into a swarm of rats and heads downstairs. In the tap room, they see that a sphere.. it's a monodrone! It looks around, using its monocle.

Diath comes down and sees it... he nervously tries to creep back up the stairs. Diath tells Strix to run. He thinks that the modrons are looking for him.

K'thriss questions it, then heads upstairs. There's a huge explosion from down below. Two rooms are badly damaged, but the building isn't going to collapse. The unseen servants immediately try to snuff out flames.

Strix explains that they're from Sigil.. someone outside calls out for Strix. face us!

The Mercykillers[ | ]

In Trollskull alley are four creatures. Three are encrusted in rusty red plate armor. One is doing the talking - a heavily muscled, scarred human. An old man is in armor, holding a banner with a red flag. The third armored figure is between them. He has some kind of disease - his face is some sort of pox.

The fourth figure looks like an old crone in robes. On her head is a tall hat that looks like a clock tower. She holds a staff that is making whirring noises.

Rosie gets a look at them and then tells K'thriss, "we should find somewhere else to stay."

Diath and Strix hides in a crawlspace with Strix. He holds Moonsplinter in one hand and he holds Strix's hand in the other.

K'thriss and Rosie approach the interlopers. They play dumb. The city watch is heading this way. The pox-ridden one says "oh! This is a city! It's probably defended!" The witch tells him to kill them. He pulls out a greataxe and runs toward them.

The witch says they're looking for two planar criminals: Strix and Diath. The crone utters strange words and suddenly she's slipping in and out of time.

Diath has a soul, unlike the rest of his kind. They're accused of trying to destroy the multiverse. Their families signed an ancient compact, millenia old, saying they would never combine.

Rosie pretends to die due to shock. K'thriss tells them he'll eat her remains. Confused, the villains think they may have come to the wrong time.

Diath and Strix come out of their hiding space. The bad guys are around but not an imminent threat. They hear more "wee woo" noises coming from outside.

The group wants to get out of here. K'thriss says he can help them fly.

They hear a barrage of spell effects go off - magic missiles. The "wee woo" noises stop. The group peeks - they see a dwarf wizard with a high collar who thunderwaved the mercykillers back. Diath goes to the turret in their home to find Simon.

Strix sees the witch woman walk through a portal into a snowy realm. Holly makes a check and realizes that she is a chronomancer.

Strix explains that Diath is an angel-person, he says it's not true. He knows where he came from. Strix says, "Do you?"

Diath worries that the bad guys are going to Red Larch. K'thriss asks, "Do you always hide until they leave?"

Strix points out that the shackles are anti-magic shackles.

Billowing fog rolls into the alley where the fight is happening. It's an unseasonable fog. It moves around corners as if it had ghostly hands pulling itself around. Strix is scared and hugs Diath.

K'thriss casts fly. A tentacle drops from the sky and wraps around his waist. Diath and Strix recognize that these mists are from Barovia.

K'thriss knows about Barovia and he can't wait to go. Rosie is a bit worried about this whole "destroy the multiverse" thing. Rosie is shocked that Diath and Strix have never...

The whole house is pulled into Barovia. A woman in the mist presses up against the glass. She thought he was someone else. She backs off and fades into the mist.

All the color in the building leeches away. The group loses color, too.