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This is the third part of the special Acq, Inc. crossover Episode 100 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Waffles, Incorporated part 3[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Ryan) Donaar Blit'zen - Dragonborn Paladin

(Amy) Walnut Dankgrass - Wood Elf Druid

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

Return of Van Richten[ | ]

The group is enveloped in the mist. Paultin summons a waffle hut. everyone gets in. Walnut's ball gown goes away. Paultin welcomes the hut.

Someone knocks on the hut. Who is it? Rudolph van Richten. He says he has come here with a warning. "An ancient evil is going to visit itself upon you. I have rushed ahead of it."

It has to do with the ring - an ancient ring reborn in the ritual he performed. Do you still have the rings? Paultin says they don't have the rings. But the Acq Inc. group does.

Rudolph explains that two of the dark power are manifested in the world. Vidier and Lashkah - that's what they were called when they were alive. Vistani married in a ritual. They hailed from two different tasks. Alliances of tribes. They were killed by members of their own tasks. It was a dark time and they were evil. Their union would have spelled doom - love makes people do crazy things. They had an ancient, true love.

The things you do for love are far greater than things you do out of hate.

They are drawn to the rings. The rings are what tethers them to this reality. Once they get the rings, they can be together again. Corporeal, material. They're Dark Powers.

Evelyn didn't know that Omin took those rings. Diath said they could keep them until they use the rings for the ritual to free Walnut's god.

Donaar realizes that they could destroy the rings. Walnut does not want that to happen.

In the fog outside, they see distant torchlights. Van Richten draws his sword cane. Walnut turns into a wolf.

There are at least 30 people approaching the Dran & Courtier.

A man enters and strums on a banjo. Paultin plays, too. The stranger actually outplays Paultin.

His master will be here soon - Valdir of the Kaldesh.

More people enter. They're acting like zombies. Paultin smashes the fiddle and van Richten is unhappy.

The color leeches from their surroundings - everything turn to black & white.

Paultin casts greater invisibility on Evelyn.

Coaches are approaching from a road engulfed with fog.

Evelyn goes outside into the fog... she tries to cause chaos via distraction Force, but the soul-things out there aren't too bad. There's a translucent, wraith-like dragonborn.

Paultin wants the ring from Walnut, but she doesn't want to give it up. Walnut wants to cast a zone of truth spell. Paultin counterspells it.

Evelyn spots a dude with black hair who leaves a carriage. Evelyn wants to steal the carriage. She rolls a 1.

The man enters the inn and immediately senses some kind of magic. The dragonborn wraith enters as well.

Paultin comes out and also tries to steal the carriage. Rolls a natural 1!

Villagers enter this inn and set it on fire.

Evelyn, invisible, stabs the long-haired guy with the Heart of Spinelli. The shadow dragonborn tries to slash at her, but misses.

Evelyn the Dark Lord[ | ]

Evelyn vanishes.

Van Richten backstabs the shadow dragonborn.

Evelyn is standing in a graveyard, looking at the graves of her friends. It's attached to the Marthain family estate. Her parents graves are there, too.

He asks, "did you love them?" She says of course she did. She realizes she's in her own domain of dread. On the wind, she hears, "they died because of you."

Paultin, upset, runs over to the shadow dragonborn and casts thunderwave at 5th level, injuring him greatly. He sprouts wings and takes to the sky on his shadowy wings.

Evelyn realizes she's trapped. She starts to cry, but stops.

Paultin demands that he return Evelyn. Van Richten tells Paultin to tell him how he feels about Evelyn. He tells the guy he cares about her. He brings Evelyn back.

Walnut refuses to hand over the ring and turns into a tree.

They drop the bad guy. Van Richten pokes the body with a stick and says he's not dead - this is just the body he was inhabiting.