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This is the fourth part of the special Acq, Inc. crossover Episode 100 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Waffles, Incorporated part 4[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Kate) Rosie Beestinger - Halfling Monk

(Kris) K'thriss - Drow Warlock

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

The DM for this session is Jerry Holkins.

Into the Mists[ | ]

The group decides they're going to have to go into the mists. They grab some torches and they tie a rope that connects all of them.

They step out and this realm that they are in is not too similar to Barovia. This looks like a cold, moonlit, Waterdeep.

It doesn't have anything, just the most prominent locales in Waterdeep.

Creatures swoop down and attack. Rosie strikes and stuns both of them. Kthriss hits them with dissonant whispers, which injures them and causes them to flee.

Diath draws Gutter and stabs one of the hideous entities. They're Shambling Mounds.

Nearby, the group senses somebody watching.

The heroes continue to pummel the creatures. Strix busts out Toll the Dead.

There is a woman with a silver sickle. She jumps onto one of the creatures and hacks into it.

Once the battle is over, Strix heals the mystery woman. She's a vistani. She recommends that the group get in her cart and go into her cart.

Lashka[ | ]

She is dressed for a wedding - an old vistani wedding.

The carriage heads to a clearing. Light seems to cling to the edge of it. She asks if the group knows about the wedding ritual. K'thriss knows that that even in modern vistani weddings - lovers are always in great peril.

Lashka and vadir are always close but never touching. Always together. They seek creatures in torment because they think they've found the other. They draw them in, play with them for a time, and cast them aside.

The mists are behind them. Beyond is a star field. There he is.. my love Vadir. He'll never find me. But look at his plan. He'll engulf the entire plane. And then we'll be together.

She sees something and pulls out a tarokka deck. This was to be our time. All of reality was to be ours. We will not consume you today. We can't lay claim to the prime material today. Please take care of my universe.

Cold air begins to rise from the ground. Waffles and Simon fall. Around them is a walled city. A castle keep high up and back, to the right. As they come into contact with the ground.. demons and devils have begun to tear each other apart.