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This is Episode 105 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 105 - There Goes the Neighborhood[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Scott Kurtz) Binwin Bronzebottom - Dwarf Fighter/Barbarian

Nate joins the game about an hour after it starts.

Scott notes that this is the first time he actually made a statted-out Binwin himself. It was always done by Mike Fehlauer.

The First Customer[ | ]

The group needs repairs on their home, and they contact Magnus, who puts them in touch with Delvin Graylimb. Delvin gets a look at Diath and decides that it might be months before they can get to it.

There are quite a few corpses in the group's home. Bugbears and beholders. Strix wants to dump them in the street, but the other heroes decide that putting them in the sewers is a safer bet. The group decides to send Evelyn into town and find some people who will do the work. She finds some workers and even gets them to reduce the price. The repairs should total 50 gp, down from 200.

While Evelyn is away, someone enters the heavily damaged manor. A man, middle aged and tall, dressed in an overcoat, has a letter in his hand. He looks for a place to put it down, but everything is destroyed. He sticks it in a crack in the wall. Diath reads it. It is a letter from their neighbors. Explosions, wanton spellcasting, and screaming should not persist. They threaten to take the group to court. It is signed by 30 peoples.

Binwin approaches the manor. He thinks it's a tavern. Strix gets excited. It's their first customer! She takes his order. He wants a quiche. He looks for somewhere to sit. He spots the Strahd chair, and sits in it. He can hear what sounds like a monster running around upstairs, along with screaming children.

Evelyn comes back and says hello to Binwin. He looks at her and all her weapons and is smitten.

Binwin talks about how he stopped a giant monster from destroying Waterdeep a few weeks back.

Evelyn asks how Omin is when it comes to "matters of the heart". Binwin points out that he seemed upset when Binwin killed his sister.

Why isn't he with them any more? There was a contract issue, a problem with branding, and Jim Darkmagic kept setting him on fire. He decided for once to set up his own thing, and it hasn't worked out at all (Binwin's Minions).

Another dwarf enters the manor. She says that she can help the group ward off enemies. She can put glyphs of warding on the house. Strix shows her around. She spots a glyph in a doorframe. "Do you have unseen servants trapped in here? If you scrape that glyph off, they won't be."

The kids run downstairs. Binwin gets a look at them, wondering if he likes them. Nat tells Binwin she's an adventurer too, and shows him her wooden sword. Binwin quietly gives her one of his daggers. Binwin has decided that he loves kids. He's going to train Nat to be a minion. "If they die, they'll die working for me."

He really wants a drink, but all the alcohol was destroyed.

The dwarf, Alcoria Stonemarrow, reveals that she was the previous owner of Trollskull Manor. She's the one who bound the unseen servants. She charges 250 gp per glyph. Alcoria Stonemarrow is open to investing in a bakery.

Spores[ | ]

There's a floating coffin and gas spores covered in a net outside. The neighbors pop their heads out, looking on disapprovingly. Evelyn senses evil. It's a man talking to a young woman by the corner of a building. He immediately senses that she's identified him. He's an evil fiend. She immediately darts toward him.

Strix sees that the coffin is nailed shut. Binwin tears lid off. It splinters apart. Inside is lined with a fleshy substance. Lying in it is the head and crossbow of Naska, along with a shattered piece of stone that looks like part of a human before it was petrified. There is a symbol in the stone - the symbol of Lathander. Next to it is a petrified hand possibly from the same person. It is holding a non-petrified scroll tube.

Paultin looks in, and the head of Naska's head bulges and pops open. Spores start to come out of his nose and face. They inflate into baseball-sized beholders/gas spores. There are five of them.

Alcoria warns the group that if they slay the spores, they'll explode. Strix puts one in her hat and blows it up.

The fiend that Evelyn is charging tries to cast a spell. Paultin casts counterspell. He shouts, "There are laws in the city!" Evelyn tells him to prepare to be smote and she hits him with the Heart of Spinelli.

Diath uses Nat's cape to trap all of the spores. Paultin walks over to the fiend and tries to talk to him. Squiddly shoots an arrow at the spore near Strix. It explodes.

Binwin pulls out his two axes, Rook and Ruin. He attacks three times. Evelyn is jealous.

Jenks approaches Alcoria. She tells him he has a powerful wand. She grabs it and makes fireworks come out of it. She says he just has to shake it real hard. She tells him he'll be powerful one day, possibly the Blackstaff and defend the city from all threats.

Paultin tells the fiend to talk quick, before the group finishes killing him. The fiend runs a detective agency called The Tiger's Eye. It's right over there, he points.

Binwin chops his head off. His head transforms into the head of a tiger. The body hits the ground and now looks like the hands are on backwards. The tiger's severed head looks up at Binwin and says "This will not be forgotten." Binwin gives it his address. Then the head turns into black ichor. Strix collects some of it.

The city watch arrives. A griffon-riding member of the guard lands.

Strix casts word of recall. Strix, Diath and the kids appear in the house. Evelyn addresses the guards. Binwin points to the goo and says, "That was a demon, you're welcome." He hands them a card that says, "Your city was just saved by Binwin Bronzebottom."