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This is Episode 107 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 107 - Eye For an Eye[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Sam Sykes) Kozin Xorlarren - Drow Fighter

Deep Under Waterdeep[ | ]

The adventurers pause for a moment. Binwin is dead and Evelyn is a snail. Strix suggests that they could ask the Blackstaff for help. They grab some of Binwin's Ashes, and Diath takes his axes, and the group runs out of the building.

Meanwhile, the drow Kozin is deep below the city, in a dungeon complex that looks ancient and crumbly. There is a set of double doors big and circular with a seam down the middle. On it is the symbol of the Xanathar. The doors grind open and through it steps a heavily-armored dwarf wearing a helmet with minotaur horns. He says, "Kozin Xorlarren?"


"Me Ahmaergo. Majordomo. Arigato. You applying for enforcer job?"

"Yes. Jarlaxle, the head of our little organization, says our security might be a little lax."

He follows Ahmaergo inside past the doors. He can see a curved hallway with pillars with eyes carved into them holding up the ceiling. He sees a secret door open and a goblin comes out holding a tray. Through the door he sees dwarven mages with eyes tattooed on their heads sitting around a golden circle.

The goblin runs in fear of Ahmaergo.

Kozin is brought to a disheveled, thin drow with beady red eyes. Behind him is a floating brain with tentacles hanging from it - it's a grell. Kozin recognizes the drow. It's Nar'l Xibrindas, an advisor to the Xanathar.

He hears the Xanathar telling someone he wants a certain "her" on his team. Ger family has connections, he says.

Nar'l says that few people know what the Xanathar truly is.

Kozin is brought to a room with a massive fishbowl. It's 20 feet across. In it is a miniature shipwreck, coral formations, and a golden fish a 2 feet long with red scales. Next to the big tank is a smaller fish tank of a more normal size. It's empty.

Floating behind them is a beholder. It is floating low to the ground. Goblins are perched on ladders, tightening an eyepatch around its central eye. Xanathar asks Kozin why he should be hired.

A dwarf wearing a beanie with beholder eyestalks arrives and calls out, "Feeding time!" Xanathar uses a telekinesis ray to move the fish from the big tank to the small tank. Xanathar says, "That's right Sylgar, eat! We have to get you bigger."

Xanathar says he is ending his war against the Zhentarim. Other concerns dominate his thoughts. "I want you to help me end the Waffle Crew. They have become the bane of my existence. Except Evelyn."

Chris notes that Xanathar is the only one who calls the group the Waffle Crew, because he broke the fourth wall and read Chris's notes for this session. Chris posted his notes on twitter before this session began.

Xanathar tells Kozin to bring them alive, but he might have to kill one of them to make a point. Not Evelyn's, though. "They also have some children. You can bring them too. Or kill them, or whatever."

Kozin is introduced to Frent Ebbernecker. Frent can get him out of jail if necessary.

If you have trouble with Evelyn, she is friends with a guard named Todd. Xanathar admits he saw the name on Chris's notes. "Perkins gives last names to all his NPCs."

Kozin Returns[ | ]

Back in the city, the charm and the polymorph spells end on Evelyn. She is very angry at having been charmed.

The group realizes that Paultin is at home with the kids, alone. They worry that the Xanathar might send more attackers. Chris says that Paultin is at the Yawning Portal, drinking.

Strix studies Binwin's horn. When blown, it alerts just one person. Nobody else can hear it.

They get to their house. It's trashed. There are rats everywhere. They can hear the kids running around upstairs. They gather the kids. Strix wants to leave them with the Blackstaff.

Kozin arrives through the tunnel in their basement. He waits for them in the ruined bar with his feet up. Diath spots him and is shocked.

Strix asks if they have customer. Does he want a pie? Kozin says that he'd love a pie.

Kozin asks the group to help him kill a drow. He wants the group to help isolate the drow from the rest of the Xanathar's defenses.

He explains that the Xanathar is obsessed with his fish, Sylgar. If the group can get that fish, the Xanathar will do whatever the group wants.

Diath asks Kozin what he gets out of this. Kozin explains that after he left the waffle crew, he hooked up with some mercenaries and he learned that the drow working for the Xanathar might need to be taught a lesson. Kozin explains that the Xanathar thinks he is working for him.

Strix had taken an eyestalk that had popped out of Naska's severed head. She goes upstairs to study it to see if she can learn anything useful about the Xanathar.

Diath takes the remains of Binwin to the Spires to see if he can be brought back to life.

Evelyn studies the shield she had obtained. It is a +1 shield, and she can make the face on it make different expressions. Holly says it is an emoji shield.

The Servants Rebel[ | ]

While Strix is studying the eyestalk upstairs, someone puts a sack over her head and begins pummeling her. She casts gaseous form on herself. She sees three chair legs in the air held by invisible beings. The unseen servants are the ones who attacked her.

Elsewhere in the house, the kids start yelling for help. Evelyn runs to help the kids. Diath runs up to help Strix.

Evelyn sees that more unseen servants are throwing knives at the kids. Evelyn puts an angry face on her emoji shield and she blocks the knives. Jenks tries to unsummon or dispel them.

A broom comes at Diath. He dodges it and it ends up in his hands. The super-weak unseen servant takes it from his hand.

A crow that was fed by Strix suddenly turns into an imp, takes the book that the group took from Vincent Trench's place, and flies out of the window. Strix destroys the rune in the room that powers the unseen servants. The group is able to shut down all of the runes.

Strix mentions the imp. She knows that imps are fiends, minor devils that serve as familiars to wizards. They speak infernal, which is the language that the stolen book was written. She knows that she can sense where the imp is.

When Evelyn gets outside, she detects 8 fiendish auras. They're all inside the house.

Strix next appears on the Acquisitions, Inc. Pax West 2018 show.