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This is Episode 108 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 108 - Kozin Effect[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Sam Sykes) Kozin Xorlarren - Drow Fighter

This episode takes place right after the Acquisitions, Inc. Pax West 2018 show, which Strix appeared on.

The group actually plays this one live together in a studio. There are images of this on twitter here.

Imp Attack[ | ]

An imp had stolen an evil book from the group, and Evelyn had just sensed that there were 8 fiendish entities still in their house. Evelyn homes in on one of them. It's a rat, a fiendish rat. She hacks into it. It turns out to be a shapeshifted imp, who melts into a pool of ichor. The group spots some ravens above that suddenly turn invisible.

Evelyn is torn on whether or not to chase after the book. Kozin decides to finish his pie and to let the group handle this problem.

The group makes quick work of the imps, and then discusses what to do next.

They take a short rest. Paultin doesn't want to stay in the house, as bad guys keep attacking it. Paultin wants to take the kids to the Yawning Portal. The group decides to let the kids stay in the house with Simon.

Evelyn sends a letter to Todd the guard, and asks him to keep an eye on their house while they go on a dangerous mission. Paultin talks to an elven neighbor named Falla and convinces them to watch the kids. They seem to be a druid. Their house is full of plants growing all over the place.

The Sewers[ | ]

Kozin leads the heroes into the sewers. He has a hard time navigating, but he has a map. After 2 hours of backtracking, they enter into the lair. Kozin knows that a scrying sensor is up ahead. The sensor is in the form of a beholder eyestalk. They spot it in a long hallway.

Paultin casts greater invisibility on himself and listens at a door. He hears the Xanathar talking to one of the guys he fought at Chair Con. He throws a dagger at the eyestalk. To his dismay, the dagger passes right through it. The eyestalk looks around, confused.

Strix peeks down the hall. The eye looks right at her. Paultin distracts it by throwing the dagger again.

He hears the Xanathar say that he wants the Waffle Crew and that he doesn't care about the stone. The other person says he can send doppleganger agents of the Zhentarim who can make it so that the group ends up in prison.

Paultin comes back and tells the group what happened. An alarm goes off. It shuts off after 10 seconds. The group hopes that doesn't have anything to do with them.

Paultin casts dispel magic and the eyestalk vanishes.

A set of double doors are pulled open by the dwarf wearing the horned helm. He's accompanied by goblins and bugbears. Time for the group to roll initiative.

Strix casts darkness on the bad guys. Paultin, invisible, slips into the darkness, trying to pass by them. He wants to go and steal the fish. He gets by them and is in a dark, unlit hall. He decides to cast faerie fire, which ends his concentration on the invisibility spell.

A few pillars in the hallway glow. There are no creatures in the area. Behind him is a wall of blackness caused by the darkness spell.

Diath wedged a door shut with a dagger. Creatures are trying to get through but thus far have had no success.

Distraction Force: Charisma Edition[ | ]

Kozin suggests that they do a version of Distraction Force called Charisma Force. He yells at the dwarf that "we're under attack" and accuses him of leaving the secret door open. He rolls a 14 and the dwarf calls him a liar. They want Kozin to die. Evelyn dramatically jumps forward and asks them not to kill him. She says she came back here to see the Xanathar, who has charmed her.

The Xanathar shows up in the hallway. Evelyn pretends to be happy to see the beholder.

Diath slips into an empty audience chamber. He rushes over to another door. He spots a secret door in the floor. Hr carefully pushes it open. A ladder leads down to what appears to be a lower level.

Back in the hall, the Xanathar tells Kozin that he did a good job, and that this was faster than expected. The Xanathar says that they didn't have time to clean. Strix turns into a rat. Xanathar shoots a ray at her. Evelyn jumps in the way and takes the shot. She takes 52 points of damage.

The Xanathar asks why she did that. Evelyn says she likes animals and that she needs medical attention.

The Xanathar looks around and sees that the others are gone. He blames Kozin and fires two rays. First is a black, crackling ray that does 55 points of necrotic. He dodges the second ray, which was a telekinesis ray.

Paultin comes to the room with the giant fishbowl. The golden fish is swimming around in the big tank near the large shipwreck in the bowl.

End of Session