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This is Episode 110 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 110 - Hippocratic Oaf[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

Before the game starts, the group announces the Chickenfoot Coven. People can send in applications to join. Three people will be chosen to be on the show!

Reviving Evelyn[ | ]

Evelyn was turned to stone and shattered. The group killed the Xanathar and found Warrington Munt down in the arena. Warrington explains that he found out that the Xanathar was hoarding smokepowder, which is illegal in Waterdeep. He's pretty sure that Nar'l Xibrindas, Xanathar's drow chief advisor, knows where it is.

Strix realizes that she has a stone to flesh potion that she obtained during one of the C-Team shows. Warrington Munt says that he was a field medic back during the Artuk invasion of Palanthus. The giff tries to help reassemble Evelyn, but he makes it worse. Paultin is distraught, blaming himself for her death. Warrington says that this is merely setback.

Strix uses the potion, and Evelyn is alive with one hit point. Paultin can't snap out of it. Diath lifts him up and slaps him in the face, and tells him to stop it. Warrington helpfully slaps Paultin, too.

Strix is carving up the Xanathar's body, and she finds a few magic rings. They also find a map of the Xanathar's dungeon.

Helpful Evil[ | ]

After a bit of exploring, the group runs into a dwarf accompanied by a gazer. Diath asks him, "Who am I? I am the Xanathar." The dwarf admits that he's secretly a harper, spying on the Xanathar. The gazer, Alby, is a good guy. Strix loves Alby. He says the group can keep the gazer. The dwarf knows where the smokepowder is, and tells the group that they can use it to blow the place up. The adventurers agree to help the dwarf kill Nar'l Xibrindas. He leads the group to the room that Nar'l is in.

The room that Nar'l is in is dark. There's a tentacled creature in there with him - a grell. Nar'l claims that he was a spy, too. He shows the group his secret office. Nar'l says that the grell won't let him leave, so he'd appreciate it if the group killed it for him. Nar'l admits that he works for Bregan D'aerthe. Diath knows that Bregan D'aerthe is a guild of drow mercenaries. Evelyn suddenly realizes that Kozin might have been a member.

The group is suspicious of Nar'l. Nar'l says that he is "Helpful Evil".Nar'l nervously says he was a friend of the mind flayer that is down here, but he's done with that now. Diath realizes that Nar'l is a bit unstable.

The grell attack Strix with its barbed tentacles. Strix is paralyzed. Nar'l slips out of the room and the group lets him go. The heroes quickly slay the grell.

Nar'l comes back. He says he forgot his spellbook. Diath starts going through a desk. He finds the spellbook and a satchel. He hands the spellbook to Strix and asks her to look through it and see if there's anything useful. The interior of the the bag is far more vast than it should be. Sewn into the inside flap are the initials "J.B."

Warrington finds the secret stash. Written on them is "Smokepowder. Don't open." He opens one. "It's full!"

Setting the Charges[ | ]

Thorvin, the dwarf, wants to use it to blow up this whole place. After a bit of discussion, Diath thinks it is a good idea to blow the place up. This could stop another beholder from showing up and taking the mantle of the Xanathar.

Paultin is still distraught. Warrington orders him to snap out of it. Paultin weakly stands.

The group splits into three teams to go place the kegs of smokepowder.

Thorvin and Diath pair up and place some charges. Thorvin leaves, heading for a tunnel to Skullport.

Strix is paired up with Warrington Munt. They light their fuse.

Evelyn and Paultin go the Xanathar's lair. Ott Steeltoes, the fishkeeper, calls out to them and asks where the fish went. Paultin persuades him that the fish is fine. Paultin is still shook, rambling that it's his fault that Evelyn dies. Paultin very unenthusiastically lights his fuse with the sunsword.

They turn to see Ahmaergo blocking their exit. "What have you done? This makes Ahmaergo mad!" Ahmaergo cuts the fuse. He says he doesn't want them to blow up his home. Evelyn offers to let him stay in their mansion.

The group reassembles. Strix has a spell that can teleport most of the group home, but there's one too many people. Diath convinces Ahmaergo that the sewers is the group's secret maze, and that he must protect it. The dwarf across and runs off into the sewers.

Strix casts the spell, and the group appears back in Trollskull manor. They hear the sound of hammering. There are work crews all over. Scaffolding has been erected around the turret. Looking around, they see a foreman talking to Ocoria Stonemarrow, the old dwarf woman.

Warrington will stay in the guest room with his kegs of smokepowder.

The group goes to the babysitter's house. The kids run down the stairs and hug Evelyn. Nat wants to get out of there.

During their stay, the kids noticed that Falla has a roommate of sorts., a half-orc who was keeping an eye on the Waffle Haus. His name is Xiraj the Hunter. Strix realizes that he is the guy who shot Paultin on the Zhent boat.

End of Session