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This is Episode 111 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 111 - The Egg is Broken[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Krystina Arielle) Alisanda - Human Paladin

Chris recaps the events with the ring of winter and reminds the group that Artus Cimber's last words were "Alisanda, avenge me."

Paultin's Secret[ | ]

A few days pass. The Waffle Haus is being rebuilt. The windows have been repaired and there is a shed for Lance, the mule. Nar'l's spellbook has some writing in Elven, which Evelyn can read. She learns that Laeral Silverhand, ruler of Waterdeep, went into Xanathar's lair and the beholder was very intimidated by her.

Paultin stays in his room and drinks for days. Evelyn is worried about him. She asks him why he's still upset. He mutters something about how "she's dead because of me. Not you." Who's she? He says, "Sandra." Evelyn doesn't know who this is. Paultin says that Sandra was his wife, and she died because of him. This happened long before he met the waffle crew.

They had been married for 2 years. He was out doing a gig. When he came home, people had gathered around his house. There was blood everywhere. Someone killed her.

He said that he had played at some shady places and he made some enemies. The crime remains unsolved. Since that time, he has kept people at arm's length. Evelyn says "We're here at the end of the arm, whenever you're ready."

Elsewhere in the house, Martym Trek, the boy that Simon had abducted, is trying to do a magic trick, but it is not working.

Evelyn tells Diath about the wife. The name Sondra sounds vaguely familiar to him.

There's a really loud knock on the front door. It is raining outside and the sun has set. Strix assumes it is a customer for the bakery. She opens the door. It's Handrew, the severed hand. It had been taken by the Raven Queen back when the group was in the Shadowfell.

Handrew has some markings on it. It's been enchanted with abjuration magic. Paultin also realizes he's seen similar markings in the Raven Queen's palace.

He gives Handrew a pen and the hand writes, "Hi." They converse for a bit, but Paultin doesn't learn much.

The kids ask if they can sleep over at Martym's house. Evelyn says no. Strix wants them to go - she's sensing an omen. Something bad is going to happen soon.

The Invading Army[ | ]

The next day, the heroes are awakened by the sound of horns. They are some distance off. The group is pretty sure the horns are some kind of alert for the city guard.

Strix takes flight on her broom and in the distance she sees an army. Waterdeep's griffon cavalry have taken flight. Strix flies up to one of the griffon riders and asks what is going on. An elf army and.. a forest (treants).. are attacking a village near Waterdeep.

A small cadre of robed individuals make their way through the streets. They summon dinosaur mounts and stampede toward the Waffle Haus. One of them is Alisande. She is riding a tyrannosaurus rex.

Strix is ambushed in the air. Two armored figures on pterodactyls with rainbow feathers swoop down on her. They throw golden javelins at her.

Alisanda shouts out, "Send me the one responsible for the death of Artus Cimber!"

The rest of the group comes out to meet her. She explains that she is the wife of Artus Cimber. Diath explains that the ring of winter had turned him.

Strix flies back and joins the group. She knows most of the city guards are out dealing with the invading army.

Alisanda demands that Paultin grovel as part of a command spell. Evelyn is not happy about this. Alisanda issues another command: "flee". She fails her save.

Paultin asks her what she will gain from this. She wants the ring of winter. Paultin explains that he doesn't have the ring.

Alisanda casts zone of truth. Paultin makes an appeal to her, but Alisanda is not impressed with his "victim noises." Paultin puts his head down and tells her to "make it quick."

Diath tells her that killing Paultin won't help her find the ring. A robed woman, named Nylindrae, on a triceratops tells Alisanda, "That one's mine."

Strix slyly hints to Paultin that she can bring him back to life. Strix asks Alisanda to come in for a pie and that she's pretty sure that two shadar kai have the ring.

Alisanda is about to entangle the group and then she becomes upset. She asks the group to help her find the ring and she'll let them live.

Diath asks what Alisanda wants with the ring. She says she made a deal with the wild elves. Alisanda says that the group is too pathetic to kill.

Warrington leaves the waffle haus holding a keg of smokepowder and threatens Alisanda. Alisanda commands him to drop the barrel. He does, and there is a massive explosion. Warrington is engulfed in flames and the house collapses. Paultin is trapped in the rubble. Warrington survives, too.

Strix studies Alisanda. She sees that her armor is engraved with maze designs. Strix is pretty sure that this means that she worships Ubtao, the Dinosaur Father.

In the remains of the manor, they discuss the ring of winter. Alisanda kneels and prays. She summons Ubtao. He looks at Alisanda and says, "I was having such a good day." He embraces her warmly.

Strix asks Ubtao if he makes the mazes in Sigil. He says, "Oh no, those have been around long before I came into existence."

Ubtao suggests that Alisanda tell the elves not to burn down the city. He says he can clean up in here and be on his way. "You can all be better people. Bye!" He vanishes.

End of Session