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This is Episode 112 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 112 - Zone of Truth[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Hadeel) Dr. Serenity Thexemoff - Halfling Cleric

The Doctor[ | ]

The woman who owns the house asks Diath to get the group to visit with her friend, Dr. Thexemoff. Strix experiments on different types of pie, bringing Diath many different varieties.

The group checks out the wand they'd obtained. It is a wand of conducting. When waved, it makes music.

There is a knock at the door. The doctor has arrived. She has bright orange hair and wears eccentric robes with prints of the symbol of Savras. Her big round glasses take up most of her face. She hands out her business cards and closes the shades. She has self-help books with her on the cover holding a dove. "Inner demons and you."

Serenity has the group sit down and she tries to cast command on Paultin, but he makes his save. Diath convinces Strix to join, but she does so in swarm of rats form for a moment and then transforms into her humanoid form. Paultin stays at the bar, but he can hear what is going on.

The doctor can sense that something is not right with the house - a cesspool for psychic detritus.

Strix mentions that she has had terrible dreams, including when she was mazed and she saw the dancing hut of Baba Yaga. She also mentions that Diath is never happy, ever. Diath disputes this. When is the last time he was happy. He stammers and says when Strix makes him pie every day.

The topic turns to Diath's nightmare. He discusses his vision where he saw Paultin corrupted by the ring of winter.

Strix talks about how Diath isn't happy. She thought getting her room would help, but it didn't. What would Strix do if Diath went on vacation? Strix says she'd help other people, because she herself doesn't need any help herself. Strix brings up how she wanted to have a baby for the hags but Diath didn't like it. She also mentions that she'd try to find the missing piece of Diath's soul.

The doctor casts sending and asks Paultin about Diath's missing soul. Evelyn convinces both Paultin and Diath to come in to the room. Paultin sits in his Strahd chair.

She can sense that there is some energy is present when two or more of the group are in the same place.

Evelyn claims being a construct was not a problem. Then they talk about Paultin's wife, who died.

The Zone[ | ]

The doctor wants to cast zone of truth and the group is not happy.

She casts zone of truth. The entire group is in the radius. Diath fails his save. Diath says that the group doesn't really need him. Strix says she needs him. Evelyn says maybe they don't need him, but they want him.

Diath says that the group has grown. In the beginning, when a decision needed to be made, he stepped up. Now, the group has stepped up and he is no longer needed. He thinks this is the next family that will throw him away. Evelyn hugs him. Paultin stumbles over and sits in his lap.

Strix tries to push Paultin away so she can hug him. We end up with an opposed check. Paultin wins and boops him on the nose.

The doctor asks Diath about his original family. Diath does not want to talk about it.

Evelyn is from Amphail. She has one brother named Brighton aka "Brick". Her parents are dead and Brick runs things at Marthain Manor, and they don't talk much. Her mom got sick while she was away and Brighton wanted her to come home to heal her, but her mom always told her that Lathander came first. Evelyn came home too late and her mom was dead.

The doctor wants her to write her brother a letter. She does.

Time is running out, so the doctor wants to cast calm emotions. Strix is worried that if she becomes calm that she will die. A wave of indifference washes over all of them. A placid state. Strix is scared that she feels scared.

Evelyn wants her letter back. She's indifferent. She crumples it up.

The doctor leaves. She is certain that all 4 heroes are possessed by demons. Paultin chases her down and casts suggestion on her, She makes her save.

Back in the house, Strix promises she'll never leave Diath. Diath says that this is the only family he's ever known. Strix says this is the same with her. Group hug!

The doctor returns to her office. A mind flayer tells her that her 2 o'clock is waiting in her sanctum.

End of Session