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This is Episode 113 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 113 - Easy Bake Coven[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

The Chicken Foot Coven[ | ]

(Kikka) Dierne Hal - Shadar-kai Warlock

(Brian) Critter the Cook - Kobold Rogue

(Cameron) Purloque - Loxodon Cleric

The Applicants[ | ]

Strix had taken applications for people to join her coven. The three finalists need to make their way to Trollskull Manor. The Coven applicants have lived in Waterdeep for "1d100 days". The primary mode of transportation in the city is coach or dray.

Kobolds are normally seen in the city as akin to a stray dog. Critter is a "put pocket", as in, he puts things in people's pockets. He comes to the manor via the sewers.

Purloque is a Loxodon, and came to Waterdeep from another plane. His parents own a successful bed and breakfast elsewhere, so he decided to go to Waterdeep working for the Baker's guild. He may be the only loxodon in Waterdeep. He knocks on the door precisely one minute before

Dierne has been staying with a friend at the Dock Ward. She uses her ability to speak with animals to assemble a group of stray dogs to pull a cart that she can ride in it standing up. She dresses opposite of a normal shadar-kai, so she wears lots of white. She looks like a ghost. Rumors have already spread about the "ghost wagon".

Dierne gets to the Manor early and lurks there. Evelyn spots her and keeps an eye on her. Evelyn remembers that Strix is taking applicants and enthusiastically greets her.

The others show up and Diath looks at the kobold and thinks, "Wow, what an ugly halfling."

Strix is doing last minute preparations, cleaning and making pies. Paultin sits in Strahd von Chairovich. Warrington Munt comes downstairs, turns to Paultin and says, "A man with an elephant head?! That strains all credulity!" He says he distrusts the very tall and the very small.

Critter slips a rusty nail into his pocket. The giff heads over to the table to have some breakfast.

Strix welcomes the coven. They're not like the wizards of Blackstaff Tower. They're not here to protect people, they're here to make people happy. They also might kill things and set things in fire. Evelyn applauds enthusiastically.

Critter puts his face in a pie and eats it.

The Coven Tests[ | ]

The Coven's job is to make her friends happy.

  • Evelyn is going to test Dierne.
  • Diath is going to test Purloque.
  • Paultin is going to test Critter.

Paultin folds his arms and says that none of them are good enough. Strix pleads with him and uses big eyes to convince him to give them a chance.

Evelyn has a written test. Dierne has a book with a cover made of skin and eyes.

Critter hops in Paultin's lap and Paultin disappears. He's used his magic to escape this scenario.

Simon comes down the stairs and gawks at the kobold. Simon tugs on Strix's robe. He wants to vet Critter. Simon wants Critter to drink an entire bottle of alcohol and not pass out.

Critter gives it a try. He makes a Constitution saving throw and rolls a natural 20! He burps very loudly and mage hands the bottle back over to the counter.

Purloque sits politely. Diath asks him how he got to be here. Purloque says that traveling has helped him become a better person. He asks the loxodon what he fears. He fears failing at his job. Diath lays out 6 gems. He asks Purloque to grab one and use it to buy something that would be of value to Strix.

Purloque casts identify on the gems to see if there's anything special about them. Eventually, he goes up to Strix and asks her which of these gems make her the most happy. He gets her answer. Diath tells him he cheated. Purloque observes that if he could make Diath happy, then Strix would be happy. Diath takes Purloque out into the city and brings him to the market he visits every morning.

Diath shows him a stall that makes rings, and another that sells parchments, empty books, ink, quills. A third has cooking utensils made of wood. A fourth has trinkets like claws, tooths, maybe some spell components. Then he turns to Purloque and shows them the gems. Which one would Strix like the most? Purloque rolls an insight check and gets a natural one. Jared says, "Welcome to the Waffle Crew."

Meanwhile, Dierne make her eyes glow, as she is a bit perturbed about not being able to make her grand entrance. Evelyn gives her a multiple choice test. The first question is about vampires. Dierne asks whether sex with vampires is necrophilia. Evelyn declares that there's no such thing as a stupid question, but doesn't really have an answer.

Simon leads Critter out into the streets. The kobold makes another Constitution save and gets a 12. He stops for a moment to retch. They head out to the water. Between the wall of the city and the water is a great expanse called the Mud Flats. It's not a sandy beach but rather a slope-y, muddy morass. Simon drops stilts in front of Critter.

Critter puts on the stilts and makes a Dexterity check. He rolls an 11. He gets stuck and falls face-first into the mud and sticks in the mud.

Dierne's second question: Do you like pie? She starts noticeably sweating. Question 3: If your party fell off a boat. Dierne says she can teleport so she could get them all to safety using the powers granted by her patron.

If a goblin is being mean to you, what do you do?

Diath tells Purloque that some things have no monetary value. He wants to get a gift for Strix. Purloque goes back to the ring stand. Diath says that this one was not the answer. Purloque's family has a great recipe for bread pudding.

Critter is stuck in the mud. It's hot. Mud is being thrown on him. He gets his little pet philbert to go get help. He tries to mage hand some of the mud away from his head and tries to pull himself out of the mud. He rolls a 2 on his strength check.

Critter cowers, grovels and begs for his life. He makes a Persuasion check with advantage and gets a 17. Simon stops, grabs him and pulls him a bit. Simon points to a rock in the distance. It's about 300 yards away.

Mandragora[ | ]

Strix sees someone in the taproom of the manor. It's a female, very tall, looks like Lurch from the Addams' Family. She has a stove-top hat that is moth-eaten and decrepit. She's carrying a suitcase. She says, "I'm here for my test. I am Mandragora." She shakes Strix's hand and almost crushes it in her iron-like grip. She asks, "So, what's my test?"

Strix says she needs to make someone happy. Mandragora says that she'll make Strix happy. She looks around in the kitchen and spots the chickens.

Mandragora thinks they have something blocking their chimney. She sticks her arm up in the chimney. She goes into her suitcase.

Meanwhile, Diath buys a tome for Strix, "Strix's Bakery Book". He buys a feather and wants to get it enchanted - infused with a feeling. Purloque has a spell called calm emotions and he might be able to infuse it into the feather. Any time Strix holds the feather, she feels the feeling she felt when they hugged after they met Asmodeus (on episode 100).

Evelyn's final question for Dierne: If you love someone, when do you tell them? Dierne has a hunch that this is a loaded question. The shadar kai says that she doesn't know. Answer E, like she's adding her own options. Evelyn says that she's getting extra credit.

Then, Evelyn cuts her arm and demands a practical test. Dierne rolls a medicine check and rolls a natural 20.

Evelyn says she passes and brings her downstairs. There, they find Strix and Mandragora strangling each other.

Dierne grabs Strix and teleports away, using thunderstep. At the same time, Purloque uses calm emotions. Mandragora says, "I don't know what came over me. I'll come back tomorrow."

During the struggle, Strix got a look at Mandragora's real face - a black-haired, yellow-toothed crone wearing the skull of a bison over her face.

Meanwhile, Critter escapes the mud and runs back to the manor. He pounds on the front door. The group opens a window and lets him in.

End of Session