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This is Episode 115 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 115 - Live and Let Liven't[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(VividVivka) Esvele Rosznar - Human

(Xavier Woods) Dragomir Grym - Hunter

(Malik Forte) Balthazar Grym - Hunter

(Felicia Day) Lady Margaster - Ghost

This show is live from TwitchCon 2018. Chris is wearing an elaborate Strahd costume. He explains that this is "unscripted", for the benefit of those in the audience who might have never seen anything like this before.

House Margaster[ | ]

There is a festival called Sornin in Waterdeep. At this festival, enemies meet and agree not to kill each other. They have one peaceful night of reverie where they can relax. People are gathering at House Margaster, where our story unfolds. Chris introduces the Waffle Crew. Holly has a lantern. Paultin is the "human bard who goes hard."

Vivka squeezes herself on to the couch so she can sit right net to Diath.

At this event, the group notices that many people give Esvele the cold shoulder. Her family name was ruined long ago.

Diath asks Esvele if her mom is still alive. Esvele avoids the question and runs off to talk to someone.

The room gets colder. A draft comes through the room. Lady Margaster, a ghost, tries to strike Paultin but her hand passes right through. She accuses Paultin of ruining her funeral. Apparently he ran through it, drunk, being chased by pigs. Paultin apologizes.

Lady Margaster says that she had been murdered. She suspects that she was killed by one of her own family members.

The heroes gather in another room, the armory, which has its own set. The waffle crew decides to try to solve the murder.

Dragomir and Balthzar, 2 nobles, enter. They are hunters. They're looking for Strahd. Dragomir says that he was putting on a show and his wife was in the front row. Strahd sunk his teeth into her right in front of him. He was contractually obligated to finish his set, so he is only looking for him now.

The group realizes that Strahd is free. Diath admit that he found the ruined Strahd Doll at the Rozsnar estate recently.

Somewhere in here, a hooded woman known as the Black Viper is creeping around in the background.

Balthazar wants to know Paultin's name. Paultin lies and says "Van Richten". It turns out that Balthazar was trained by Van Richten.

Some guards come to eject Balthazar and Dragomir, but Evelyn gets them to leave with a natural 20 on a Persuasion check.

A tall, mysterious stranger has arrived, according to some other nobles. They seem spellbound. The group looks around and finds Strahd in the library, having a conversation with Lady Margaster. Strahd reiterates that at this festival, enemies are not supposed to attack one another.

Fighting Strahd[ | ]

Balthazar suddenly attacks Strahd from behind and does 21 points of damage. Lady Margaster is very angry. Felicia asks the crowd if she should punish one person, or everyone. To everyone's surprise, the crowd yells "everyone". Lady Margaster lets out a wave of fear, but the group is protected by Evelyn's aura.

Dragomir fails his save by a lot. He ages 10 years and is frightened.

Strahd has some allies rush the heroes - wererats. One bites the Black Viper and rolls a critical. She may have contracted lycanthropy.

The battle spills into the armory. Evelyn draws the Heart of Spinelli and tears into Strahd, doing a total of 60 points of damage.

Paultin draws the sunsword and attacks Strahd. He rolls in a dice tray, and the die is a bit cocked. Is it a natural 20? It is!

Diath holds out his hand and summons Moonsplinter. He attacks a wererat near the Black Viper. He rolls poorly, even with advantage, but he still hits. To his dismay, he does no damage because his weapons aren't magic or silver.

Strix decides to cast fireball at 5th level. She shapes it around the hunters and the Black Viper. A conflagration fills the chamber. Lady Margaster has 8 hit points. As a reaction, she tries to possess Balthazar but fails. She is destroyed. Chris points out that, as a ghost, she'll reform in 24 hours.

Strahd tries to charm Balthazar and succeeds. He forces Balthazar to protect him.

Dragomir attacks his brother, and does 12 points of damage. Malik rolls a save and succeeds - the damage has broken Strahd's hold over him.

Suddenly, vampire spawn explodes through the windows. One of them is a little orphan girl. The Viper drops her right away.

More vampires spill into the estate. The guards fight them.

Evelyn does 42 points of damage to Strahd. To her surprise, he's hurt very badly. She realizes that the group has been through a lot and that she's not afraid of him anymore.

Paultin tries to curse Strahd with the vistani evil eye, at 5th level. Strahd fails his save, and suffers the effect of a hold person spell.

Strix summons her spectral chickens, who attack the vampires.

Balthazar pulls out silver.. shackles/chastity belt. Something that contains. Strahd is under the effects of the hold person. The hunters want to take Strahd out of here. The group doesn't seem to like the sound of that. Balthazar has advantage. Malik rolls a 1 and a 3.

Dragomir tries to attack Strahd but also rolls poorly. The Black Viper points out that the only person Dragomir has been able to hit is his own brother.

Paultin attacks Strahd and rolls a natural 20.

Evelyn looks all around and says, "It's time." Anna rolls a 26 to hit. She cuts off Strahd's head! The head and the body turn to mist, which coalesces into the form of Strahd. It begins to slowly flee. Evelyn casts moonbeam and bathes Strahd in radiant energy. She brings the dawn down upon him, and he is obliterated.

Strahd's ashes hit the floor. Strix's chickens eat the ashes.

Balthazar and Dragomir immediately start claiming that they killed Strahd.

Evelyn lays on hands, healing and curing the Black Viper. The group points out that they can all tell that she's Esvele Rosznar.

Strix takes some of Strahd's ashes.

Evelyn makes sure to wipe out the viper's lycanthropy. Diath notices that the Viper had stolen some jewelry. She tries to explain herself. The city watch arrives. Evelyn wonders if Todd is among them. She doesn't see him right away.

The Viper tries to sneak out while everyone's distracted. Diath sees her. The Viper whispers "Thanks for the key!"

The guards approach the heroes. Strix casts word of recall and the heroes escape.

End of Session