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This is Episode 116 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 116 - Dawn of a New Day[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

Last time, the group went to a party at House Margaster. All hell broke loose, and the heroes ended up dispatching Strahd von Zarovich. Evelyn obliterated him with a moonbeam spell. The guards showed up, but Strix used a word of recall spell to bring the heroes back to the waffle house.

The Flintlock Pistol[ | ]

The group appears in their home and hear Waffles running around. Albie, the little beholder, is hissing. Albie is wearing a little witch hat.

Diath is very uncomfortable in his fancy clothes. He goes and changes back into his normal gear. He still has the outer skin of Mr. Shambleface, the Strahd doll, in his possession. Strix hangs it in the inn, hammering a nail through it as if a stake were being put through its heart. Strix wants an embroidered sign that says "No Vampires".

In the wee hours of the night, Paultin decides that he wants to teach Handrew, the animated hand, how to use the drow gunslinger's poison pistol. Chris says that Handrew can use it, but reloading would be a long process. Paultin decides that Simon can load it, and Handrew can shoot it. Handrew takes a practice shot.

Everyone wakes up, including Warrington Munt, and they run to Paultin's room. Warrington sniffs the air and declares that it is the smell of a discharged flintlock pistol. He spots a bullet hole in the wall. He studies the trajectory, and can tell it was someone very short who shot it. The "mystery" remains unresolved. Evelyn ends up keeping watch over Paultin all night with Simon.

The group has breakfast and prepares to go to church with Evelyn. There is a knock at the door - it is Todd, the city guard. He tells the group that they are not in trouble over what happened at House Margaster.

The Spires of the Morning[ | ]

The group walks to the Spires of the Morning. There are guards dressed in golden sun armor bearing the older, archaic symbol of Amaunator. Mass concluded 5 minutes ago. Evelyn knows that Amaunator represents the sun and bureaucracy, while Lathander focuses more on the morning. She also knows that Father Sunbright has brought in Father Andrew Cormeral, who is going to help reshape the church.

She sees Sister Incensia having a conversation with another priest of the temple. She is red-faced and quite incensed. Incensia sees Evelyn, smiles and greets her. Incensia is large and pretty, in her mid-40s. She is a bit worried, confiding in Evelyn that the request about sending the kids here at the orphanage has been denied. All funds have been channeled into the restoration of the temple. Apparently, the temple is not fit for Amaunator's glorious return.

Evelyn asks who is making these decisions. Incensia says that it is Father Sunbright, who, at least for now, is in charge.

Incensia pulls Evelyn aside and explains that the successor to the late Zaress has left Cormyr and will arrive here any day now. Their name is Talastin Daragon, a true follower of Lathander. Talastin is a bit of a renegade. She does things her own way. Rumor has it that she's "not like us." She's a drow.

Evelyn meets with Father Sunbright. He has long blonde hair and a blonde beard. He says that the temple has been mismanaged, and that he has temporarily dedicated funds to restoration of the temple. Once Amaunator rises, he is expecting a lot of new followers, and he wants that church to be ready.

Father Sunbright says that there are plenty of orphanages in the city that can help the kids. When the time comes, they can be brought into the temple and they will then learn to embrace the warmth of Amaunator.

Evelyn takes to the air and addresses the people slowly filing out of the church. She tries to persuade them that the church should provide aid to children. She wants to start a fund to make sure that the orphans can stay right here. Anna rolls a 20 on her Persuasion check. She uses her emoji shield to collect money.

Meeting With Father Sunbright[ | ]

Diath hears Father Sunbright mutter that Evelyn is insane. Diath confronts him and Father Sunbright denies that he said it.

Diath agrees to talk with Sunbright in his office. Strix assumes rat form and follows Diath. Paultin makes himself invisible and follows as well.

Evelyn meets the son of Lady Amkathra, who had died in a horse accident. She met this boy as a spirit when they were in the Soulmonger. [1] He doesn't remember his time as a spirit. His mother asks Evelyn to join her for dinner. At Evelyn's request, Lady Amkathra agrees to have the whole waffle crew as guests.

In Sunbright's office is another man. He is in his 50's and has stringy long hair with a pronounced widow's peak. His thick eyebrows and ice blue eyes give him an intense appearance. This man is Father Andrew Cormeral. He is pouring himself a drink from a resplendent collection of wines. It looks like Sunbright is a wine collector.

Paultin wants to steal a bottle. Cormeral says that while he's traveling, he prefers to be known as "Andrew Morn". He's a traveling priest who has spread the word of Amaunator to the far corners of Toril. Father Morn leaves.

Sunbright pours Diath some wine and explains that this is his temple. Amaunator is rising, and the church must be prepared for He That Illuminates Us All. Ready for the gifts and glory he will gift upon them for preparing properly, for showing that his return is important to them.

Father Sunbright begins to explain that money is important to the church, and to get money, nobles must be catered to. Suddenly, he keels over, dead.

His flesh turns black. His remains burn away, leaving nothing but charred remains.

Diath is pretty sure that the wine was poisoned and that the poison is magical in nature. The poison is rare, known as sundeath. It's a drow poison.

Evelyn goes to Sunbright's office. The door is locked. Strix opens it and blurts out that Sunbright is dead. She enters the office and the group explains what happened. Diath realizes that this might be the work of the drow gunslingers who recently attacked their home. [2]

The heroes have to figure out what to do. Evelyn thinks that she can't trust anyone in the church. The group quietly argues. There's a knock on the door. Someone wants Father Sunbright to sign some paperwork. Evelyn tells him that Sunbright is not available.

Strix considers casting raise dead, but she realizes it won't work. The body needs to be intact, and there isn't much left of Sunbright.

Diath goes to find Incensia. He spots a half-elf with a blonde mohawk dressed like a wizard. He gives Diath a look. He smiles, nods, and blows him a kiss goodbye. Then he disappears before his eyes.

End of Session.