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This is Episode 117 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 117 - Character Assassination[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

Under Arrest[ | ]

The city watch showed up, led by Talembra Hargwar. Before anyone can leave the premises, 50 guards come in and arrest everybody. Diath is arrested. Evelyn protests.

Evelyn is expecting someone to resurrect Father Sunbright, but it looks like that isn't happening. She slowly realizes that he might be dead for good, and she begins to look for something to contain his remains. Incensia tells Evelyn that when Talastin arrives at the temple in a few days, she should be able to bring him back to life.

Paultin tries to pretend that he is Diath's lawyer (Paultin Seppa, of "Seppa & Seppa" law practice). He is asked where his practice is. Paultin casts mass suggestion on the guards, and then he quietly tells Diath to stall. Diath is shaken by this whole thing, and points out that he is not a liar.

Diath is marched into a cell that is 5 feet wide and ten feet long. He falls to his knees, hands shaking. Strix is in rat form. She tries to sneak into his cell, but the guards spot her and notice she's wearing a little witch hat. One of the guards notices and stops his ally from stomping on her. He asks the rat if it can talk. She squeaks. They go to kill her, and she transforms into her normal form. The guards ask her if she was trying to break him out. She says she was just trying to bring him snacks. They show her out, and Strix is back in the streets of Waterdeep.

Evelyn is questioned about recent events in the temple. They discuss the incident when the Xanathar tunneled into the church. Evelyn tells them that they have the wrong guy - Diath didn't do it. Magistrate Stonelevel is in charge of this case. Evelyn wants to go there and talk to the magistrate.

She goes to the courthouse and sees Paultin in the waiting room. Paultin declares that Evelyn is his partner in the law firm. Evelyn is still bothered by a comment Paultin made in the church, implying that religion is all a lie.

Strix heads to Blackstaff Tower and makes a bit of a scene outside of it. She wants in. The door opens and someone uses a black staff to pull her in.

Meanwhile, in Diath's cell, a small window opens. A guard informs the rogue that the magistrate is moving his case up. He'll be out of here in an hour.

Evelyn and Paultin meet with the magistrate. There is a guard standing in each of the four corners of the room. The magistrate asks them about the body, and notes that a bottle of wine is missing (Paultin stole it). The magistrate wants to cast zone of truth to find out what happened to the bottle. Paultin sees himself out. The magistrate says he will bring this to trial tonight.

The magistrate says that this is not the first criminal incident that Diath has been involved in. It has been brought to his attention that he has been responsible for the death of a number of dwarves when he freed Maegara.

Someone has also made a claim that Diath runs a criminal organization. The magistrate demands that Evelyn being taken into custody. Evelyn persuades him to let her leave and not to charge her.

As Evelyn storms out of the courthouse, she bumps into someone. It's a frumpy, short man with badly-parted hair. He drops his velise and apologizes profusely. His name is Frent Ebernecker. He is a solicitor that is representing Ott Steeltoes.

In Blackstaff Tower, Strix meets with Vajra, the protector of Waterdeep. Strix explains that Diath is in trouble. An unseen servant brings her a drink and they talk in the study. Vajra explains that the magistrates have a great deal of autonomy, and that they are judicious in their application of the code legal. Corrupt magistrates don't last long.

Diath is in his cell. Someone whispers to him, "You're going to die in a prison cell somewhere. If you think this cell is dark and cramped, wait until you see the ones under Castle Waterdeep." Diath recognizes the voice as belonging to the Zhentarim assassin, Urstal Floxin. He is the guy that he allowed to flee in Xanathar's lair.

Diath is taken upstairs. Todd the guard is there. He asks, "What kind of stuff does Evelyn like?" Diath says that Evelyn like truth and justice, those that are good, and haven't ever done bad things." What's her favorite flower? Morning Glory.

Diath is brought into the court room. He is standing in a pulpit. Behind him are benches where people can sit and watch. Right now, the only person is sitting in the back pew - a mustachioed man in a bowler hat.

The Trial[ | ]

Paultin and Evelyn are outside, unaware that the trial is starting. Strix wants to attend but the clerk won't let her. Two guards put Strix in the street. Paultin and Evelyn are nearby, and see this. Paultin and Evelyn enter the trial, smuggling Strix in. Strix is in rat form.

The magistrate asks Diath for his account of what happened with Father Sunbright. Diath explains that another man, Father Andrew Cormeral, was in the room as well.

The magistrate asks if Diath is familiar with Ott Steeltoes. He remembers the name being spoken by Kozin. A witness is brought in - a dwarf with a beholder beanie. Ott says he was in the service of the Xanathar for a long time. Ott points to Diath - he's the Xanathar. Back when the group was in the Xanathar's lair, Diath did tell a few of the Xanathar's flunkies that he was the new Xanathar.

The magistrate proceeds to tie together a few events - If Diath is the Xanathar, then he was behind the original attack on the temple (the incident that led to the death of Binwin) and thus he has a motive to murder Father Sunbright.

Paultin enters and begins to try to object. Diath explains that the Xanathar no longer exists.

The magistrate asks Diath about the missing bottle of wine. Paultin is about to confess, when Diath takes the blame.

The magistrate declares that he does not think Diath is guilty. On the matter of the theft, Diath is to be imprisoned for a tenday in the prison of Waterdeep and he will pay a fine of 500 gp. Payment must be made within a month.

Strix yells at Paultin and leaves. Strix doesn't go home. She sleeps outside Blackstaff Tower.

Evelyn goes home and tells the kids that everyone will be home soon. She wistfully watches them play.

Paultin goes to a bar. Handrew pours him a drink. Paultin doesn't want to be the least likeable character. He thought that was over with the ring of winter storyline.

Vajra quietly meets with Omin Dran, who is a Masked Lord of Waterdeep. They have the power to overturn a verdict. She gives him a letter that she's drafted. He puts it in a drawer.

Diath's cell under Castle Waterdeep is indeed worse than the holding cell he was in. He is sealed away in a rotting, waterlogged room. There is no light, but he becomes aware that he is not alone in the cell. A voice comes out of the darkness. "I would like it if you did not involve yourself with Lady Rojnar's quest for the dragons."

Diath asks, "Who are you?"

"My name is Jarlaxle Baenre. And the gold is mine. Do we understand each other?"

Diath feels a hand on his shoulder. Jarlaxle tells him that this place will make him stronger. He warns that when Diath is out, he may come to their bakery and sample their wares.

Jarlaxle points out that he knows who murdered Father Sunbright. It was Andrew Morn. Then, Diath senses that Jarlaxle is gone.

Diath says, "Say what you want, Jarlaxle. We've got your gun."

End of Session.