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This is Episode 118 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 118 - Tendays of Our Lives[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

Last time, Diath was put in jail, being blamed for stealing wine from a crime scene (although it was Paultin who actually pilfered it).

The Arrival of Talastin[ | ]

Evelyn spots some riders, heading for Trollskull Manor. One dismounts. She's wearing a cloak and she has dark skin and hair shaved down to the scalp. Her eyes are milky white. Evelyn is pretty sure that this is Talastin Darragon, the new head priest of the church of Lathander/Amaunator. She is wearing the symbol of Lathander around her neck.

Evelyn and Talastin converse inside the manor. They talk about the death of Father Sunbright. Evelyn says that the heroes had nothing to do with Sunbright's death, and Talastin says she believes Evelyn. Talastin says that many believe that she, Talastin, is responsible. Evelyn asks if she is responsible. Talastin sidesteps the question and asks about Father Morn. Morn claims to be a descendant of Randal Morn,

Talastin asks Evelyn if she could look into Father Morn's past and whether or not he is actually connected to Randal Morn. Talastin says that she can bring Sunbright back to life and send him off to Daggerford. Talastin says that the followers will see Father Sunbright as weak when he is brought back.

Evelyn asks about the return of Amaunator. Talastin says that some believe his return is imminent, but the drow doesn't. Talastin explains that she was once an evil drow, but when she first saw the sun, she was converted. Lathander agreed to let her serve him if she gave up her sight. She did.

Paultin and Evelyn head out into Waterdeep, leaving Waffles to look after the kids. Paultin plays an impromptu show on the street and Nate rolls really well on his performance check. Evelyn gets pushed to the side by the enthralled crowd.

Castle Waterdeep[ | ]

Strix is in rat form, skulking up the side of Mount Waterdeep. On the mountain is Castle Waterdeep, where Diath is being interred. Strix spots a pipe with water spilling out of it. She clambers in and makes her way to the interior of the castle. She emerges in a kitchen and tries her best not to be noticed.

Diath is out in the sun. He gets one hour a day in the courtyard of Castle Waterdeep. There are guards behind arrow slits.

Strix finds Diath's cell. She can't get in - it is sealed up tight. It has an iron door with no seams. She turns into her tiefling self and casts gaseous form. She waits in cloud form for him to return. Diath returns and crawls into the corner. Strix floats down and waves at him as a cloud.

Diath sees her and tells her she should leave before she gets caught. She turns into a rat again and crosses her arms. She brought him a pie. She wants him to eat it. He calms down and proceeds to eat the pie with his hands. Once he is calmed down, she leaves.

Back in the city of Waterdeep, Todd the guard approaches Evelyn. He asks her if she wants to go get something to eat. Paultin notices this and is not happy. Paultin casts vicious mockery, telling Todd to accept that he is in the friend zone. Evelyn agrees to go eat with him and Paultin immediately ends his show. He tries to get to Evelyn but he is mobbed by screaming fans. He is able to wade through them and then he inserts himself into their meal plans.

Todd gets a negative vibe from Paultin, so he says he'd better go on patrol. He says he learned a new card game and he'd love to teach it to Evelyn. Todd leaves and Paultin earns 21 gp. He's trying to make 500 gold so that he can pay for Diath's fine. Evelyn thinks they'd be better off planning a big event.

Evelyn thinks that Omin could help put together the big event. He even has a venue.

Turmoil at Trollskull Manor[ | ]

Strix returns to the manor and the kids are running around out of control.

At night, Diath's cell door opens. In enters woman with long silver hair that goes all the way down to the floor. She says that her name is Laeral Silverhand, the Open Lord of Waterdeep. She says that this doesn't seem right for someone who rid the city of the Xanathar. She says, "I'm going to help you. Consider it a repayment for all that you have done."

Evelyn does some research and she thinks she could hold an event at Gralhund Villa, home of the noble Gralhund family. It is only two blocks from Trollskull Manor.

Back at the manor, Warrington Munt shows off his new rifle. Paultin is intrigued. Warrington wants to go test it tomorrow after he polishes it.

Then, there is a delivery. It's from Todd! Flowers. Evelyn is overwhelmed. She says no one has sent her flower before. Paultin, jealous, thinks that they might be poison. He wants Warrington to use it for target practice.

Strix remembers that the group looted quite a few gems from the Xanathar, and that that treasure could be useful. She quietly decides not to tell the group about it. She stealthily creeps around the house, looking for where he might have stashed it. She can't find it.

Evelyn tells Paultin to calm down. She reads the note from Todd: "Thank you for the smile." Paultin calls him a tryhard and decides to leave and have a drink. When he throws open the door, he sees Diath. The group lets him in and Diath explains that someone got him out. The group gets worried has another group of friends.

While he is free, his gear is still in the castle. Strix brings him tea and pie.

Evelyn thinks this was a blessing of Lathander. Paultin agrees.

Diath and Paultin argue. Paultin does not apologize for what happened.

Strix and Diath talk in his room. Strix said that he should have let Paultin take responsibility for that. Strix tells him that he can't keep sacrificing himself and that he's not alone. She goes to leave but he stops her. Diath tells Strix that he needs her here. He looks into her eyes and she blushes. He whispers, "I need you." Then he lets go. Strix doesn't know what to do so she staggers back out the door.

Strix goes downstairs, panicked, and asks Evelyn for help. She feels weird.

Paultin slips out and heads into the Sea Ward. He goes into the mud flats and lowers Simon into the water. Simon disappears into the briny depths. He can see a shipwreck, its mast coming up above the high waterline. Simon swims into the wreck. Some sharks spot him, but pay him little heed. Simon finds a chest, and in it are bottles of wine. He nabs three, emerges from the water, and hands them to Paultin.

The next day, Strix wakes up and is still frazzled. She avoids Diath.

Evelyn smiles and gives Diath a big hello. Diath says he felt like it was time to show her how much she means to him.

Paultin is thinking about till doing the Gralhund Villa show, even though Diath is free and the fine has been handled.

Diath tells Paultin to hand over the 21 gp he earned and they're even. Diath quietly informs him that the money is for a "thing". Paultin lights up and agrees, making a big declaration.

The all of the adventurers except for Diath head to Gralhund Villa. The property is walled and has iron gates. They are met by a servant who asks what the group's purpose is here. Evelyn says that she is representing Seppa Enterprises. He invites them in.

There are chandeliers, tapestries, and cabinets that display fancy and expensive goods. The heroes see a family portrait of Lord and Lady Gralhund with their kids and their dog.

Suddenly, guards pour out of the doors around them. Among them are several individuals in black leather armor (members of the Zhentarim). A voice of a woman says, "Kill them all!"

End of Session.