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This is Episode 120 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 120[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Satine Phoenix) Vlahnya - Elf

This is a special "fireside" episode that was held in front of a live audience at PAX Unplugged 2018. Chris Perkins was not in attendance. Satine Phoenix "facilitated" the show, which was primarily focused on backstory and interpersonal dynamics.

The Customer[ | ]

Paultin approaches Plurio, who the group is keeping in a closet, and demands his money back. Plurio had stolen 21 gold from him. The doppleganger hands it back. The group gets together and talks about how the house might be too dangerous for the kids to live in. Strix suggests tying them to part of the house. Paultin suggests a home with a gun-less hippo.

Vlahnya enters the manor. She is a 6'2" red-headed elf with a grey-furred cat. Vlahnya says she would like to buy about 25 pies. It will take a little while to prepare the rest. Strix asks the kids to help make them. Paultin quickly notes that the kids are paid a fair wage.

The group talks about the kids, who Paultin calls a "child infestation."

Strix talks about her childhood. She grew up in Sigil, in a section called the Hive. She made money by pulling dead bodies out of alleys and diseased water. She worked in a bakery for a time before falling into the Feywild, where she met her "grandmother", the hag Baba Yaga. Strix taught her how to make donuts shaped like Sigil. Baba Yaga taught her how to use magic.

The group discusses the taproom, which is Paultin's area to maintain. He hands Vlahnya a drink in a special goblet that is engraved to look like a hand is holding it. It's Handrew. Albie the gazer floats over and brings out a pie. There is a little bit of drool on it.

Diath's Old Group[ | ]

The group discusses what to do with the kids. Diath feels like they survived on the streets, so they'd be fine. Diath lets it slip that he used to travel in Waterdeep with his "exes". The group is shocked. Diath explained that he had met Relissa, who was very tall and dark-skinned. With her was Kagan, a nice and gentle fellow. All three of them adventured together. They had happy times and enjoyed each other's company.

It was because of them that he ended up in the Waterdeep dungeons the first time. They had told him about a big score in an abandoned mansion. The owner hadn't been back to it in a long time. Diath was told that there was a massive emerald inside it. Relissa, Kagan and Diath decided to steal it. Diath was under impression the owner was dead.

They broke in, and then Diath got left behind to take the blame.

Diath reiterates that he's not a thief. He just wanted somewhere to belong. Evelyn asked him what it was like in the dungeons. Diath says it was really dark and that he's not sure how long he was there.

Squiddly asks Strix if she's his mom. She says no. He runs off looking for the gun. Paultin thinks that the kids need to live somewhere else. Evelyn wants them to stay. Diath thinks the kids will die if they stay here. Evelyn suggests that Diath train them how to use daggers so that they could defend themselves.

Evelyn points out that she was trained in how to use a dagger at the age of six and a half.

Evelyn's Training[ | ]

Evelyn says that she left her family at a young age for paladin training with Father Sunbright. Her parents devoted her life to serving Lathander and Waterdeep. Her dad was a paladin of Lathander and adventurer. She wanted to be just like him. Her brother was learning how to run things and would take over lordly duties.

When Evelyn hurt her leg, her dad brought her the flying boots.

Did she have friends other than Lathander? Not really. She had colleagues. What was her favorite game? "Sweep the leg, dodge the staff."

Evelyn admits that she was very lonely a lot of the time. She wouldn't wish a life of loneliness on any child. Because of this, Squiddly, Nat and Jenks can do whatever they want. Vlahnya's cat jumps over into Evelyn's lap.

Paultin's Wife[ | ]

Paultin says that he recently learned that his parents were murdered by Van Richten. He could gotten revenge, but decided not to, because he wanted to do the "right thing". He drinks so he doesn't have to remember.

He says that with his first wife, they bought a home. Paultin was out playing a gig. He had a weird feeling about it. He hadn't been spending a lot of time with her and considered staying home, but he didn't. When he came home, the city guard was there and a crowd had gathered around the house. The guards told him not to go in but he did. There was blood everywhere - on the rug and the ceiling. Her face was mangled and there were chunks all over the bed.

They never found out why it happened or who did it. Strix says they should find the killer and kill them. Evelyn says that maybe Paultin drinks so much is so he can forget about it.

Diath asks if he found a moss-covered coin at the scene. Paultin says yes. Diath says that Relissa and Kagan might know something about the murder. Diath says, "I don't think they did. If you found the coin, then they know who did, because they are part of the same crime family."

Paultin gets angry and wants to know how to find them. He wants to kill them. Strix suggest polymorphing them instead.

Diath asks Evelyn about her brother, Bratton. He's back in the hometown running things and he definitely doesn't want her help. Diath asks her if she became a paladin to run from her home duties. Evelyn explains that she didn't choose it at all. She says that she doesn't love anything as much a she loves being with the group.

Diath asks Nat where she wants to be. "With you." She points out that every place is dangerous.

Strix wonders aloud if the group already has a home that is missing them.

Strix asks Evelyn about her leg. Evelyn says she has a prosthetic below the knee, and that walking hurts.

The Kids[ | ]

Diath says that the kids are going to stay and they need to live in a room that is not the panic room. Vlahnya suggests some house rules:

  • No guns.
  • Don't play with Strix's Staff.
  • Strix has to teach Jenks magic.
  • Diath will train Nat to defend herself.
  • Paultin is going to teach Squiddly how to play drums.
  • Teach them to respect the heroes and their stuff.
  • Feed them things other than pies.

Diath says to remember that the kids chose them.

"Now let's go find your murder-ex".

End of Session.