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This is Episode 121 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 121 - Simonocchio[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

The group reached level 12.

More Customers[ | ]

We pick up from where we left off, with the doppleganger in the group's custody in their home. The heroes shove him into a closet. Strix approaches Diath and tells him the Plurio face-touched her and that she's cursed. Diath walks over to the doppleganger, grabs him, and draws Gutter.

Ulkoria Stonemarrow arrives. She says that there is a letter on their doorstep. It is addressed to Evelyn. It is from her brother.

Some customers come in to the shop. There are 2 kids, a girl and a boy around the age of 10. They are accompanied by a tiefling woman who looks to be a guardian or warden. The kids ogle the food. The tiefling woman has a smoking pipe and she is wearing a red kimono. Knitting needles are stuck in her hair, and her face is locked in a perpetual frown. Tucked under her arm is a box with a clasp. The box looks like it might contain a musical instrument of some sort.

Evelyn tucks the letter in her pocket and greets the customers. They seem to be linked to the Cassalanters, a prominent noble family in town. Albie the albino beholder is in the kitchen, drooling.

Ulkoria tells Diath that a member of the Baker's Guild will be by today to go over a few things. She suggests that Strix be locked in a closet or kept out of the way in some fashion.

Jenks enters the the area. He sees the kid customers playing with little figurines at a table. Jenks hits it off with them and begins playing with them.

Upstairs, Squiddly is playing with the smokepowder. There is a small explosion and Simon is blown through a doorway. His jester hat has fallen off and is smoking between his legs. Paultin dusts it off and puts it back on Simon's head. Simon's thumb is on fire. Paultin puts it out.

Plurio says he wants the stone of golorr. Diath pulls out a vial of poison. He asks Plurio who he works for. Paultin threatens Plurio. Plurio says that the Zhentarim has been watching for a long time. He says that the group made a mistake not finishing off Manshoon.

The group speculates that if Plurio were to read Paultin's mind, he'd realize that they're in a game of D&D and that he might go insane.

Polymorphing Simon[ | ]

Simon comes downstairs. Strix mouths the words "No kidnapping" at him. Ulkoria grabs Strix by the hair and wants a word with her in private. Ulkoria wants to know why the group hasn't done anything about Simon. "You have the ability. Why haven't you turned him into a real boy?"

Strix thinks for a moment. A polymorph spell can turn one creature into another type of creature. It only lasts one hour, though. Ulkoria says that she can cast true polymorph and make it permanent.

Strix asks Simon if he wants to be real. He does. She tells him not to make jokes. Paultin runs downstairs and watches magical lights transform Simon into a cute little dark-haired boy with a ridiculous costume on.

Simon says, "Paultin, it's OK, I asked for this!" Evelyn hugs him. He starts picking his nose. The group decides to feed him a pie. Simon has a little burn mark on his thumb. Evelyn kisses it and heals it.

Upstairs, Diath and Plurio are going back and forth. Plurio tells him he's not a killer. "No, but I do protect the ones I love." He stabs Plurio and lets the poison take effect. Paultin goes back upstairs and sees Plurio's dead body. Diath killed him. Diath explains that the Zhentarim are looking for the stone of golorr.

Downstairs, the kids, Elzarina and Torenzio, have to leave. They tell Jenks he should come over some time. They have a butterfly garden. The tiefling is trying to usher them out.

Simon says, "Granny Strix, I don't feel so well." He thinks he has to pee. He pees himself, and Strix cleans it up with magic. Simon gets into it with Squiddly. Four minutes later, Simon and Squiddly are shooting a gun together. They get into an argument and Squiddly tries to push him off the roof, but Simon resists. The gun slides down the roof shingles and is about to fall off to the ground below.

Evelyn tries to fly over and grab it but she's not in time. It falls to the street and explodes. Strix threatens to turn Simon back into a puppet. Simon says he knows that she loves Diath. The Simon goes off on Todd. Strix suggests that Simon take a nap. He likes the idea, and winks at Squiddly.

Simon declares that he wants to remain human. The group is a bit concerned. Ulkoria casts true polymorph.

The representative from the baker's guild arrives. Paultin tossed Plurio's body out onto the street, and the rep is a bit concerned. Strix steps outside, as she is bothered by everyone calling her Granny. A guard approaches and asks what is going on with the dead body. They accept her explanation and say, "Give Captain Woodrow our regards."

Captain Woodrow[ | ]

Strix goes back inside and asks Diath why he's a captain. He explains that he is a member of the Lords' Alliance and he's a captain of the watch. Strix wants to make him a hat.

Evelyn opens the letter. Her brother very succinctly informs her that he has become the sheriff of Amphail, Evelyn's home town. This surprises her, as he was a laid back kind of guy. She gets the idea that he is rubbing it in her nose in it a little bit.

Simon gathers Jenks, Nat, and Squiddly and tells them they should be real adventurers. Simon explains that he came from Barovia. He tells them about his experiences with Granny Strix while the others were dead and waiting to be brought back to life. "That's what adventuring is all about." He goes on to talk about Chult with the zombies and the hags. He tells them stories late into the night. Then he gets hungry and wants food.

Simon comes downstairs and runs into the group. They talk about his life expectancy. he says when he grows up, he wants to be a bard like Paultin. Other members of the group see that Simon seems to be scheming. The wheels are turning. Evelyn assumes he's planning a nice surprise party.

End of Session.

Waffles Inc: A K'thrissmas Story Part 1 was released one day after this episode came out.