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This is Episode 123 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 123 - Speak of the Devil[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

2019[ | ]

This is the first session of 2019, so Chris gives a big recap: The crew settled in Waterdeep and acquired a bakery and repository for all of their collected junk and friends. They live there with Warrington Munt, Albie, and a severed hand named Handrew, Simon, 3 street urchins named Nat, Jenks, and Squiddly as well as an owlbear named Waffles. In the course of settling in, the crew ran afoul of several local villains. They managed to slay the Xanathar, whose organization Diath has sort of absorbed. Other villains have harangued the waffle crew: Pistol-wielding drow, a spectral shadow organization called the Zhentarim (run by Manshoon), and an infernal society that has imps. The group killed a rakshasa, and acquired a book that imps subsequently stolen by them. Strix teamed up with Acquisitions, Inc. who robbed a bank owned by a family known as the Cassalanters. Their kids recently visited the bakery and bought some pastries.

Meeting the Cassalanters[ | ]

An invitation from the Cassalanters has arrived. The group is to come as they are. A light meal will be served. The Cassalanters would like to offer a reconciliatory proposal. They will send a coach to fetch them. Just hop in the coach, and they will be borne safely. A member of the city watch will be there to make sure everyone is safe. Evelyn wonders if Todd will be there. Paultin says that Todd is dead. After a bit of discussion, the group decides to bring Warrington Munt along. They leave the kids with Fala, their neighbor. They lock the door of Trollskull Manor and make sure all of the wards are activated.

Cassalanter Villa is located in the Sea Ward. The estate is surrounded by a tall brick wall with a single iron wrought gate emblazoned with the family crest. The group gets to the front door. Evelyn uses her divine sense power and detects the presence of multiple fiends. There are crows up above that are fiends. A servant opens the door, looks at Strix and says, "I see you brought your own flies." Simon is going to go say hi to the kids.

The heroes step inside and meet the Cassalanters. Victoro Casslanter has a short beard, copper-colored hair and a darker complexion. He's holding a ruby-tipped walking stick, an item similar to the rod that Asmodeus, lord of the Nine Hells, carries. Ammalia Cassalanter, the woman, has a fan, waving it toward her face. There is a third person in here, sitting in high-backed chair. It is a member of the City Watch. Victoro notes that Strix is the one who tried to rob his bank. Strix mentions that she met Asmodeus. The Cassalanters look at each other and say that they are well acquainted with him. Victoro says that Asmodeus is very misunderstood.

The Cassalanters say that they have donated quite a bit to the Church of Lathander. Victoro explains that they made a deal with Asmodeus that might affect their children. Asmodeus has informed them that the waffle crew is more important to him than the Cassalanters, and that they should make amends with the heroes.

They introduce Captain Carcaroca, an ambitious up-and-coming member of the City Watch. they explain that he is a member of their inner circle.

The Kyton[ | ]

The Cassalanters take the group up to the attic. They want the group to meet the 5th member of their family. In the attic, the group sees a thick web cocoon of chains. The chains unwind and curl, taking on a life of their own. It is a humanoid creature wrapped up in spiky chains. They can see thick, veiny arms and legs with charcoal-colored skin. It has red eyes and black teeth. It seems to be able to control the chains to an extent. When the light shines on it, it goes crazy. It tries to free itself, but can't.

On the floor around it are infernal runes in a circle that flare with orange power each time the creature tries to break free.

"This is our son, Osvaldo." He was to be taken to the Nine Hells. That was the deal they struck. Strix throws up in a potted plant.

Osvaldo says that if they don't fulfill the terms of their contract, their other two kids will share the same fate. They made this deal with Asmodeus himself. Evelyn is disgusted, but realizes that long ago, the group sacrificed Arabelle for their own gain.

The Cult[ | ]

Paultin goes looking for Simon. He comes into a ballroom. In it is a mannequin with a painted face dressed like a ballroom dancer. Simon casts locate creature. It brings him to the library. On a shelf is jars full of mist, and he also spots a massive family portrait. He finds a secret staircase. Apparently, Simon is down there somewhere. Paultin hears chanting - an adult group speaking a language he doesn't know. as he creeps around, he spots 8 red-robed worshipers.

Simon is standing amid them. A robed figure has a hand resting on Simon's shoulder. They are passing around a goblet. Paultin hears someone coming from the stairs. He makes himself invisible. Coming down the stairs is a devil with purple skin. It has a beard of snakes and it is holding a halberd dripping blood.

Paultin avoids the creature and creeps up to where Simon is. He whispers to him, but Simon talks out loudly: "I can't leave right now. I'm joining a cult!"

A tiefling woman says that Simon is one of them now. Nate rolls a persuasion check. Simon has been charmed, and he snaps out of it.

Paultin angrily says that Asmodeus wouldn't be happy about this. Suddenly, a statue of Asmodeus actually moves and raises an eyebrow. The cultists tremble and throws them on the floor. The snake-bearded devil jumps off the balcony and attacks Paultin. Paultin turns and casts mass suggestion on the cult. He orders them to fight the devil. The devil decapitates one of them.

Back upstairs, the Cassalanters explain that the money they are searching for was embezzled by Lord Neverember, the previous Open Lord of Waterdeep. This money will help them resolve the contract and save their kids. the manservant of the Cassalanters puts a box at Strix's feet. In the box is the decapitated head of the old tiefling banker whose security she thwarted.

Gifts For the Kids[ | ]

Nat, Squiddly, and Jenks are with Fala, who has been called away and leaves the kids unattended. Nat takes on the leader role. The kids are supposed to be doing chores. There is a slender man outside playing music on a herdy gerdy. A monkey is dancing. He pulls out a golden wand and hands it to Jenks. "This, my little friend, is a Wand of Anything!" If he points it an object, he can turn that object into any other object of a similar size.

He gives Nat a crystal talisman that looks similar to Diath's. When she puts it on, she can hear.

The best gift is for Squiddly. It's the monkey. Her name is Lucy. She is a magic monkey. She is good at stealing other people's gold. Lucy runs down the street and comes back moments later with a pouch. In it are gold, silver and copper coins.

Squiddly isn't so impressed. He gives his bow and arrows to the monkey. It shoots it. Now he's impressed.

End of Session.