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This is Episode 128 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 128 - Beach Party[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

Chris does a recap, discussing the group's time in Chult and their journey to Waterdeep. The group lives in a mansion owned by Magnus Burnsides. Paultin gave the ring of winter to Alisanda.

Packing for the Trip[ | ]

Now it is time for a well-deserved vacation. The group finds themselves greeted by a warm, early summer day. People are out in the street looking for water, or staying in the shade to keep cool. The idea of running off to the beach seems like a good idea.

Evelyn has a little dress suitable for swimming. Paultin kicks open Diath's door and declares that it's a beach episode. Diath is wearing his adventuring gear. Evelyn is packing Waffles as if she was a van. Paultin spots Lance, the mule, who looks capable of carrying his special cargo (alcohol). Paultin wants to bring Strahd von Chairovich. He puts it on the cart pulled by Lance. Evelyn summons Morning Glory, her magic horse. Nat, Squiddly and Jenks climb on. Strix finds Warrington in a room upstairs. He is drawing with charcoal on the wooden floor. The floor is covered in scrawls, as are some of the walls and furnishings. It looks like he has several projects in the works - gizmos and contraptions. Looking at the drawing, Strix thinks that it looks like a map. The map appears to be a series of chambers linked by tunnels. This seems a bit out of character.

She asks him if he wants to go to the beach. He says yes, and goes to get his finest whites. 5 minutes later he comes downstairs wearing a white uniform adorned with medals.

The group heads to Deepwater Isle, which is just off the shore of the city. Jenks uses his magic wand to turn things into other things. He blows through all of its charges very quickly. Jenks makes a bunch of squirt guns. Squiddly gets excited, then sad when they revert back to their original forms.

Evelyn spots The Eyecatcher, Jarlaxle's ship, in the harbor nearby. Evelyn tells Diath that it has a manta ray submarine underneath it. The group splits into two boats. Strix rows the kids boat.

When the group arrives on the beach, they attract a bit of attention. Evelyn waves at everyone and arranges some blankets and umbrellas.

Strix Goes Fishing[ | ]

Popping up out of the water is a blue-skinned child. It offers Strix a shell. She takes the shell and gives the kid a pie. Two people approach Paultin. They are fans. He gives them his autograph, signing body parts. Then he orients Strahd von Chairovich and begins to drink. He realizes he'll finish off the drinks Simon stole from the shipwreck today.

Diath sits down and begins strategizing about the Cassalanters and the group's other foes. Strix uses prestidigitation to put them away. She tells him to go fishing. Evelyn makes a sand Lathander. Warrington Munt pulls out a spyglass and looks at the city. Diath sighs, picks up a stick and plays in the sand.

Strix goes over to an emptier section of beach and tries to do some fishing. Albie, the albino beholder, is wearing a babushka. Waffles runs around the beach, splashing. Strix looks back at Diath and Holly rolls a one on her fishing check. Something big pulls on her line. Strix goes flying into the water. She turns her fishing rod into a flying broom and takes to the air. Strix gets a look at the creature in the water. It's a bronze dragon. It dives deeper and disappears.

The group asks Warrington if dragons go in the water. He says there probably are, since there are dragons in wildspace. Strix realizes Paultin is planning again and she prestidigitates it all away.

Squiddly goes into the water and he gets pulled out to sea by a current. Evelyn flies out to get him, but he seems to be gone. Evelyn casts locate object, and discerns that Squiddly is underwater nearby.

Diath removes his gear - he's wearing a shabby swimsuit underneath. It looks sort of like a burlap sack. Strix polymorphs herself into a penguin. They swim out underwater a bit. Strix resumes her normal form and casts a fireball spell, hoping to get the dragon's attention.

Evelyn dives into the water and finds Squiddly with a pair of merfolk. Evelyn knows that the merfolk come and tried with the people of Waterdeep. The merfolk cast a spell on Evelyn so that she can breathe underwater. The merfolk dart away. Evelyn grabs Squiddly by the scruff and pulls him to the surface.

Sandcastle Ravenloft[ | ]

Paultin is very drunk. Simon calls out for him. Simon has built a replica of Castle Ravenloft out of sand. Simon asks if they'll ever go back to the castle. Paultin says that it's up to Perkins. Paultin passes out in the sand. Simon pokes him with a stick. Simon and Handrew bury Paultin in the sand.

Warrington mumbles to himself as he spies on Waterdeep with his spyglass. Evelyn gets closer and hears him talking to himself. Warrington is checking out a tower that is lightly defended. Evelyn wonders if he is talking to someone that is invisible. Warrington says that he has made telepathic contact with someone in the city who wants to know more about it. Warrington thinks the person is quite friendly. The person is from some distant land. His name is nigh-unpronounceable. Evelyn decides to call him "Nigh".

Underwater, Strix and Diath found a bell. It looks like it came from a sunken ship.

Nat catches a big fish. She shows it to Diath. Strix summons fire on her hands and cooks the fish. She turns her staff into a frying pan and cooks up the fish. The group notices sandcastle Ravenloft and Paultin's head ticking out of the sand. Strix wants to change the sandcastle into the Waffle House.

Paultin wakes up and a little crab crawls up to his face. He scares it off.

Evelyn decides that they should encourage Simon's building skills. She offers to give him his own room.

Warrington is done with the beach. He wants a mud bath. He says that next time they should go to the mud flats.

It is time to go. Strix quietly destroys the sandcastle. The group heads back to the Dock Ward. and then returns to the Waffle House.

When the group gets inside, there's a note from the Chicken Foot Coven. Business went smoothly. There are also two packages. One is a long box, mistakenly delivered. It was meant for Audra Nell. There is also a letter - an invitation to an auction. Diath becomes alarmed and thinks that planning is necessary. He pauses and tells the group that he's glad they took the day off.

Paultin opens the package meant for Audra Nell. In it is a rolled-up rug. The rug suddenly animates and attacks Paultin. He declares that it is a rogue rug. Chris rolls a natural 20 to hit Paultin. Paultin is restrained, blinded, and suffocating. He crashes into the pastry display case. The group comes down and sees what is going on.

End of Session.