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This is Episode 131 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 131 - Shadow and Sunlight[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

The group had spent a day at the beach. When they got home, Warrington Munt died after going through ceremorphosis. The kids were missing. Evelyn flew out of the waffle house and searched Waterdeep for them. She knocked on Fala's door and other places, hunting high and low. After a lengthy search, she sees the explosion at the waffle house. She is about 5 blocks away. The house is on fire, especially the turret.

Evelyn spots multiple lights in the sky coming from all directions, each heading toward the waffle house. Flying closer, she sees that the lights are flying wizards.

Sifting Through the Wreckage[ | ]

The fourth floor of the house is practically gone, and the turret is burning away. Evelyn sees this and is not happy. Strix enters the house and looks around. A spike falls off the roof and impales Simon's shoulder. He collapses. Evelyn arrives. She sees the mannequin lying in the street. She runs over to Simon and heals him. As she does so, Martem Trec is with the other kids. He looks worse for wear than when Simon had locked him in a box.

Evelyn gathers all the kids and asks what happened. Strix goes into the house and sees that Waffles is OK, but she's buried in a fort. Strix helps her to get out.

The fire continues to rage. Pieces of the house are falling off. Strix leads Waffles out of the building. Wizards are flying around above the waffle house. They use magic to make it rain. Strix is in awe. Martym explains to Evelyn what happened when Audra Knell trapped him in the Shadowfell. Martym says his family is dead, which makes it easy to get kidnapped.

The group notes that the rain is putting out the fire. Paultin approaches Evelyn and tries to explain what happened . He blames the "masked man", the vigilante who plays by his own rules.

Diath accidentally utters the phrase "Dr. Seximoff." One of the wizards dealing with the fire hits the house with a lightning bolt and shouts "Sorry!" The guards question Diath. The neighbors are not happy, but the City Watch makes them go home. Strix tries to smooth things over by giving a neighbor a pie, but it has shards of glass in it and the neighbor is offended.

Diath checks his room. It's gone. There's nothing left. He spots the remains of Mr. Shambleface on a nearby roof. He leaves it.

Evelyn thinks Paultin should do a fundraiser on his Witch stream.

A neighbor found a chest and wants Diath to pay for it. Diath takes a look and it is indeed the treasure chest. It is wedged into the neighbor's roof. Diath pulls out the whistle shaped like a wolf and gives it to the neighbor. The neighbor wants 100 gold, and isn't too thrilled with the offer. Diath ends up giving him the jug that was in the chest.

Jarlaxle Returns[ | ]

The following morning, Diath meets with the head priest of the church of Lathander, Talastin Daragon. They discuss reassembling Evelyn's sundered magic axe, Lightfall. Six dice tumble on a table. On them is white inscriptions that Talastin Daragon reads with her fingers. The dice roll results: Two dice facing up have spiders, two have suns, one have a web and one has an eye. As the dice are cast, the doors to Talastin's office open. A priest with a thick gold necklace enters. He is holding a cushion on which a crystal diadem rests. He sets it on a table and says that the diadem was worn by ancient elves and is worth at least 50,000 gp.

Talastin tells Diath: "The dice say you will have a safe journey, but only if you have a guardian." She says that the guardian has only one good eye. To turn him away would be a disaster.

Diath needs to meet with a sun elf weaponsmith named Issian, who lives in a village called Rassalanter.

Evelyn and Diath try to clean up the house. They wonder how they can afford to fix the damage to the house. Evelyn suggests a "fire sale". Strix thinks that maybe Ulkoria Stonemarrow could help. Diath tries to estimate the cost of repairs. He thinks it would be 2,500 gold.

Paultin quietly goes and finds his cloak in the wreckage.

Jarlaxle arrives at the manor. He sits down at a table with Diath. Evelyn greets Jarlaxle. He acknowledges her and asks the group about the auction where the stone of golorr is going to be sold. He tells Evelyn that she looks radiant. Paultin pretends he doesn't remember who Jarlaxle is. Jarlaxle mentions Diath's quest to fix Lightfall, Evelyn's axe.

Diath gives Evelyn the book of nursery rhymes. Diath says she could read it to the kids. Jarlaxle wants Evelyn to go, but Diath asks her not to go.

Paultin claims to have received a letter from the mysterious cloaked vigilante known as "The Bard Knight", who says he is retiring.

Strix suggests that Paultin and Evelyn try selling the robes.

Remaking Lightfall[ | ]

Jarlaxle, Diath and Strix set out to go to Rassalanter. Jarlaxle summons an exotic bird creature to use as a mount.

Evelyn notices tension between Jarlaxle and Paultin. She asks Paultin, "Are we cool?" Paultin says that Jarlaxle wants to court Evelyn, and he's lying to try to get what he wants. Evelyn thinks he's just being kind to her, but like everyone else, it's just a surface thing. Evelyn thinks Jarlaxle is interested in Lathander.

As the journey begins, Diath can tell that Jarlaxle is not happy that Evelyn isn't coming along, and that there might be repercussions. After a day of travel, they come to a fork in the road. They arrive at Rassalanter without incident. Diath offers him the diadem. Issian is in awe of it. Jarlaxle isn't around, he's staying at an inn called the Sleeping Dragon.

Diath gives Issian the materials - two rings of protection and the remains of Lightfall. Issian says the rings will become part of the weapon. One will guide her hand, the other to guide her heart. Diath bears witness to the re-creation of Lightfall.

Back in Waterdeep, Evelyn tries to think of someone who would want to buy the robes. She and Paultin go about town looking for a buyer. Evelyn wonders if Jim Darkmagic would want it. She meets with Flabbergast, who offers 20,000 gp for it. After some haggling, Flabbergast is willing to pay 50,000 gold. The heroes accept the deal. There is a bunch of paperwork that needs to be signed.

In Rassalanter, Diath spots a drow and it is not Jarlaxle. Strix and Diath think they should leave as soon as possible.

When they come home, Evelyn and Paultin tell Strix and Diath that they sold the robes for 50,000 gold. Diath pulls Evelyn aside while the others leave to buy champagne. Diath he was really good at taking a lot of broken things and keeping them together. He tries. Diath does want to keep everything together. For a long time now, Evelyn hasn't been whole. Diath wants to make sure she is. He shows her the reforged Lightfall.

Reflected in the blades for just a moment is Evelyn's parents. Diath gets on one knee and tells her that this is a part of her, but it is a tool. The light within her is what can strike through the darkness. She hugs him and says he is the best friend she ever had.

End of Session.