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This is Episode 132 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 132 - Pushy Golorr and the Bidding War[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Brooks) Sister Narae - Human Monk

Dwarves have held Diath responsible for releasing Maegara long ago. They are counting on him to recover a trove of dwarven gold hidden somewhere in the city. Other factions want the gold: The Zhentarim, the Cassalanters, and Jarlaxle. Diath was able to get Evelyn's axe, Lightfall, re-made. The robe of the archmagi has been sold, but the transaction has yet to go through. The group still has the robe.

Preparing For the Auction[ | ]

Evelyn attunes to Lightfall and feels its warmth. Its powers:

  • While she is not carrying a shield, she gains a +1 bonus to her AC while holding it in one hand, or a +2 bonus to AC when holding it with two hands.
  • When she deals radiant damage with it, up to 6 creatures of her choice can regain 1d10 hit points.
  • She can cast the spell sunbeam with it. It must be recharged in sunlight for one hour before this power can be used again.

Lady Roszar's proxy, Anvar, visits the group. He delivers clothing and masks. These costumes are meant to be worn at the upcoming auction, where the stone of golorr will be sold to the highest bidder.

The group learns a bit about how the auction will work. Bidding starts at 10,000 gp. Weapons are allowed. Nobody knows who has been invited. Bidding will be done with signs that have numbers on them. The heroes discuss the idea of using prestidigitation to mess with potential buyers. Strix thinks about disguising herself as Manshoon and stealing the stone.

The Auction Gathering[ | ]

The group is teleported to the auction by Anvar. They smell food and wine, and they spot ice sculptures. Strix starts putting snacks in her purse. They spot Ammalia Cassalanter, who is not in costume. Paultin is wearing his cape of billowing under his robe.

Paultin grabs a number. He goes with 12. More guests arrive. Victoro and his manservant, Zhentarim members that they met at the docks - a dark-skinned dwarf in gold armor, a sun elf bard and his female half-orc bodyguard, and Sister Narae. Nobody is wearing costumes except the heroes. One of the survivors of Ironslag is here too, named Kasgar.

One of the Cassalanters threatens Paultin and Evelyn. They say that they are leaving with the stone and are willing to kill for it.

Vitcoro Cassalanter sees through the group's disguises. Strix polymorphs herself into a rat and starts looking for the stone. Paultin casts suggestion on Victoro, but he makes his saving throw. Paultin tries to convince Victoro that they're on the same side. Nate rolls well. Victoro laughs and says he was about to banish Paultin. Ammalia maneuvers behind Victoro, ready to attack Paultin if necessary.

Three more guests arrive. Two women dressed like cabaret dancers, and a man wearing tall thigh-high boots. Evelyn tries to make friends with Ammalia and offers her a drink, but Ammalia swats the drink to the ground. Evelyn notices that Ammalia wears a necklace that holds a container full of blood.

The group realizes that the man who just arrived is Jarlaxle in disguise. Jarlaxle asks Paultin if they are working together to get the stone.

The heroes start to think this whole thing might be a trap.

Jarlaxle compliments Evelyn. Evelyn says she was doing a bit with Paultin but as usual he got bored with it.

Anvar announces that the auction is ready to get underway. All attendees are told to go to the greeting room to take a number sign, and then to enter the main room.

Jarlaxle introduces Evelyn to his two friends, performers in the Sea Maidens Faire. Margot Verida, a lyrist and Kefita Merzan, an acrobat.

Paultin wants to talk to Evelyn in private. He tells her this might be some kind of set-up, and that they shouldn't go in there. Sister Narae pulls Diath aside and is appalled at the group's plan to frame Manshoon.

The Auction Begins[ | ]

Once in the auction room, Anvar shows everyone the stone. He explains that the stone contains the essence of an aboleth. Bidding begins at 10,000 gp. Bidding begins, and quickly the number reaches 40,000 gp. Evelyn asks Jarlaxle to bid, and he does. Jarlaxle reminds Evelyn that he offered to give half the money to an orphanage of Evelyn's choice. The bidding hits 80,000 gp and Lady Cassalanter leaves the room.

Sister Narae warns Diath that he doesn't want the stone.

Strix assumes the form of Manshoon. Evelyn quietly alerts Jarlaxle that something is about to happen. Istrid Horn, one of the Zhentarim, bids 125,000 gp. Suddenly, the lights go out.

Narae tells Anvar to take the stone and get out. He says he's just a proxy, he doesn't want the stone. Many people run for the exits. Evelyn is thrown to the floor and nearly trampled.

Evelyn uses divine sense and detects a powerful fiend, possibly a demon or a devil in the dark room. Evelyn strikes it and smells brimstone. Anvar is stabbed by someone or something.

The creature grabs Sister Narae and impales her on its body spikes. It says something in Infernal. An explosion of fire and radiance strikes the group, doing quite a bit of damage. Another spell goes off, injuring them further. They hear many people toppling over, hitting the floor. Many of the screams of panic stop.

Strix dispels the darkness. Victoro Cassalanter is there, his cane is glowing. Sister Narae is in the grasp of a barbed devil. Anvar is lying dead or unconscious, with Jarlaxle standing over him holding a bloodied rapier. The sun elf Zhent begins to cast a spell. There are a bunch of people sleeping on the floor.

Strix suddenly begins speaking in infernal, in an evil voice. cracks appear in the walls and the barbed devil is injured. Sister Narae shadow steps away from the barbed devil. Sister Narae has the stone of golorr in her grasp. Diath spots this and tumbles into the monk. They struggle over it. Diath snatches it away.

Jarlaxle looks at Diath and holds out his hand. He wants the stone.

End of Session.