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This is Episode 133 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 133 - The Sky is Falling Part 1[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Brooks) Sister Narae - Human Monk

(VividVivka) Esvele Rosznar - Human Rogue

Jarlaxle is next to Diath demanding that he turn over the stone of golorr. Diath is refusing. This whole scene is playing out in two rooms joined by double doors. Strix and Evelyn are in the auction room. Diath, Paultin and Sister Narae are in the gathering room.

Melee at the Auction[ | ]

Jarlaxle steps back and sheaths his sword. He helps Diath to his feet and brushes him off. Evelyn smiles warmly at Jarlaxle. Ammalia Cassalanter has painted a blasphemous symbol on her face in blood. She tries to cast suggestion on Diath, but Paultin counterspells it. She screams in rage. Paultin casts banishment on Ammalia, causing her to fall through the floor and disappear. Paultin spills his drink.

Sister Narae looks around for her Zhentarim allies. They are scattered throughout the area. She spots another door up in the air that people are falling through.

Evelyn focuses on the barbed devil. It swipes at her, but she "daintily whooshes" out of the way. She casts sunbeam from Lightfall. It engulfs the devil, some of the Zhents and Cassalanters. The spell does 33 radiant damage and blinds those who failed their saving throws. The devil is still alive. Evelyn is hit with a spell that forces her to (river) dance.

A disguised guest grabs one of Jarlaxle's allies and holds her hostage. They tell Jarlaxle to stand down, but Jarlaxle doesn't seem to care. Paultin recognizes the disguised guest as Mattrim Threestrings, a harper bard who Paultin had stolen a lute from a while back.

Istrid, one of the Zhentarim, calls out to Sister Narae. Diath still has the stone of golorr. Victoro Cassalanter's manservant tries to stab him, but misses.

Strix summons her spectral chickens. Diath throws moonsplinter at the barbed devil and misses.

Waffle House Interlude[ | ]

Meanwhile, at the Waffle House, the kids are swinging around on a chain. Martem hears a noise from down below. They check in the basement and Purloque, the loxodon member of the Chicken Foot Coven, is unconscious. Nat sneaks down there and looks around. Strix had told them that if something happens, they should go hide in her room.

Something grabs hold of Nat in the dark.

The Walking Statue[ | ]

Jarlaxle asks Strix if she is about to use word of recall, and asks to go with her. "Leave me alone at your own peril." Someone throws a snake. Paultin ends up throwing it into a table full of wine glasses.

Istrid tells Sister Narae she wants to get out of her. Istrid has a sending stone, which allows her to communicate with Ziraj the hunter. Ziraj is positioned on the roof outside of the Waffle House. Ziraj is told not to hurt the children.

Sister Narae looks for an exit, and realizes that the auction hall was inside the sphere held by one of Waterdeep's famous walking statues.They carefully descend to the city streets and head toward the Waffle House.

Evelyn is still dancing.

The Black Viper[ | ]

The Black Viper, aka Esvele Rosznar, had been able to subdue the Chicken Foot Coven. She has grabbed hold of Nat. The Viper asks where Nat's guardians are. Nat says, "I guard myself, lady." Nat has a dagger. Viper disarms her and pats her on the top of the head in a condescending manner. "Waffle Crew or cricket cakes. I need one of the two." Viper makes her way upstairs, leaving Nat behind. She sees Martem and Jenks. Waffles growls at her. Viper asks again where the waffle crew are.

The kids say, "We're not going to tell you that they are at the auction." One of them shoots an arrow at her, but Viper catches it. Viper gives Nat a wedgie.

Chaos at the Waffle House[ | ]

Back at the auction, Mattrim tells Diath to hand over the stone, It will be safe with the Harpers. Diath tells Mattrim to find him later. The devil is gone, and Istrid is gone. Evelyn has converted a pair of Zhents to the worship of Lathander. "Seek the face of the Morninglord, and you shall be blessed." Victoro Cassalanter is calling for his wife. Strix casts word of recall, and the group appears in the Waffle House.

Diath puts the stone in his bag of holding. The group sees the Black Viper sitting in a chair. The kids try to take her stuff but fail over and over. Diath sees members of the coven lying on the ground, unconscious.

Suddenly, Diath is struck twice by two huge arrows from out of the darkness. He takes a total of 36 points of damage.

Squiddly is lifted into the air by a dark elf who looks at him with red eyes. A second dark elf shoots at the Black Viper and misses.

Paultin has possession of the bag of holding. He ties it tightly and stuffs it down the front of his pants. Four imps become visible around him and try to sting him with their stingers. Paultin takes a total of takes 28 points of damage. They lunge for the bag.

Evelyn tries to stop dancing but is unable. The Viper stabs one of the drow and drops it. She also flips off one of the kids. Strix casts protection from evil on Paultin to help save him from the imps.

Strix summons an earth elemental in the shape of a chicken to protect Diath. Diath stabs the other drow that is holding Squiddly, doing 36 points. It falls to the ground, dead.

Simon grabs onto one of the imps and smashes it into a wall. He is dangling from it. Paultin is hit and goes down.

Suddenly, the taproom is full of rubbery black tentacles. The imps all turn against Simon. The last thing he sees is Simon being stung and falling down beside him. The life leaves his eyes.

End of Session.