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This is Episode 134 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 134 - The Sky is Falling Part II[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Brooks) Sister Narae - Human Monk

(VividVivka) Esvele Rosznar - Human Rogue

The group is fighting on the first and second floors of the Waffle House. Arrows magically passed through the walls and hit the imps. Paultin was dropped by imps, as was Simon. Evelyn is magically compelled to dance "The Morninglord of the Dance". Strix, Diath and the Black Viper are downstairs, where black tentacles erupted from the floor and wrapped everyone in their clutches.

The Night Parade[ | ]

Sister Narae is not there. She is running through the streets of Waterdeep. It is the middle of the night. Narae runs into a night parade. Some members of the parade are on stilts, others are riding white oxes. There are torch jugglers and scantily-clad people holding leashes attached to camels. Crowds are gathered along the sides of the road. Sister Narae is able to carefully pass through and by. All of Waterdeep's nightlife is here, dressed well and having a fine time. The City Watch is here in force making sure that everything goes smoothly. Sister Narae thinks this is too convenient. Somebody planned this.

Sister Narae spots a float of a dragon that can breathe flame, and a big flumph balloon. She asks someone about the parade, and learns that the parade was unplanned. This is the Sea Maiden's Faire, a sea-faring carnival that travels on boats. This parade is now on the normal schedule. Everyone is paid to be there. A clown approaches Sister Narae and hands her a bouquet of flowers.

Fracas at the Waffle House[ | ]

Evelyn is in Strix's room, dancing. She blasts through the floor and she floats down to the pantry, still dancing. Diath and the earth elemental are in the tentacle patch. Evelyn misty steps next to Esvele Rosznar and says, "Hi!" The Viper uses acrobatics to avoid the tentacles and maneuvers to the stairs next to Strix. She pulls out her hand crossbow and shoots a rubbery tentacle and the bolt bounces off of it. Strix snickers and casts dispel magic. The tentacles magically disappear and Strix winks at the Viper. The Viper rolls her eyes and folds her arms.

The earth elemental goes through the hatch in the floor and destroys portions of the floor around it. The elemental attacks the drow in the basement.

Waffles lets out a howl of terror and emergency. She comes down the slim spiral staircase backwards, dragging something with her mouth. She's dragging Paultin down the stairs, dragging him by the boot. His bag of holding gets stuck on something.

Diath vaults up the staircase past Paultin's body. At the top, he sees Paultin's blood trail. He also sees Simon lying face down on the floor. Diath is torn between getting the bag and tending to Simon. He rushes over to Simon and sees a slain imp nearby. Diath leans down and is able to stabilize Simon, keeping him alive. Martem is nearby, and he tells Diath that one of the imps took something from Paultin's bag.

Nat tries to stabilize Paultin, but Anna rolls a 3.

An arrow comes out of nowhere, flying through a wall, and it his Strix for 22 points of damage. A second one hits her for 17 points.

Alchemist Fire[ | ]

Sister Narae is about a block away from Trollskull Alley. She spots a number of small flying snakes in the sky, each carrying a flask of alchemist's fire. She recognizes this to be the work of Skeemo Weirdbottle, a member of the Zhentarim that Narae is not fond of. Narae is sure Istrid told him to do this.

Back inside the manor, a cloud of noxious green gas billows up from the basement. Nat, Evelyn, the Black Viper, Paultin, and Strix are all engulfed in the cloud. Nat and Jenks gasp and fall unconscious.

Outside, Narae hits the flying snakes. Their alchemist's fire explodes and flames rain down on three nearby buildings.

Evelyn uses Lightfall to heal everyone nearby, including Paultin. The Viper climbs the stairs and sees the imps fleeing through a window. She sees Diath and asks him if he hurt Simon. She leans down and goes to loot Simon. He has pipes. She looks at them, unimpressed, and tosses them.

In the gas cloud, Strix heals herself for 23 points.

Diath, on the roof, spots a half-orc with glowing eyes outside. He's the one who has been shooting the huge "ghost arrows". He fires arrows into the house.

Squiddly tosses a broken piece of wood at the Viper, doing 3 points of damage. Then the Viper is hit by another ghost arrow, taking 33 points of damage. She uses uncanny dodge to take half damage, She is hit a second time for 22 points of damage.

Sister Narae reaches the manor and sees her fellow Zhent, Ziraj the Hunter, firing ghost arrows. Ziraj tells Narae what is happening - the earth elemental drove out the drow, and that imps fled the scene. Ziraj points out Diath on the roof. Ziraj tells her to get the stone.

Evelyn flies over to Simon and lays on hands, healing him. She turns to Paultin and heals him for 40 points. and then heals Viper for 10.

The group realizes that the stone of golorr is gone.

Paultin wants to talk in private, so he casts banishment on Sister Narae and the Black Viper. They both fail their saving throws. The Waffle Crew quickly talks. They are fairly certain that the Cassalanters have the stone. The group is worried that there are too many factions after the same thing. Evelyn says she doesn't know what the plan is anymore. Diath isn't sure what to do. The group begins questioning him, and he begins to doubt his own leadership skills.

Diath says that Evelyn and Strix should go fly after the imps. Diath and Paultin will deal with Sister Narae and the Black Viper. Evelyn and Strix fly away. Narae and the Viper return and begin acting suspiciously. Paultin doesn't like it and tries to banish them again. Both fail the saving throw once more.

Once they return, they leave.

End of Session.