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This is Episode 138 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 138 - The Scarlet Marpenoth[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

The adventurers had tracked the kids to a submarine owned by Jarlaxle. Strix and Diath freed the kids from their bonds. They came upon a central area where gnomes and drow were lurking. Strix declared that she and her allies were pirates.

Nice Pirates[ | ]

The gnomes look genuinely scared. Paultin is in the hallway near where Strix is. An automaton wielding a rapier approaches him in a threatening manner. He convinces the nimblewright to leave him be.

Evelyn comes in to the bridge area and tells the gnomes and drow that she is commandeering this vessel. The submarine decouples from the ship above it. Water starts to pour in. The heroes realize that the nimblewright left the hatch open.

Paultin is in a hallway that is filling with water. He wants to cast animate object to shut the hatch. The hatch is unable to close because of the force of the water. Paultin joins the group at the bridge and spots a dragon in the water outside the vessel.

Evelyn tries to recruit the nimblewright to help her get the hatch closed. It stabs her for 15 points of damage. She runs over an tries to shut the hatch. Anna rolls a 23 on her Strength check, but it's not enough.

A drow wizard tries to cast a spell, but Strix tries to counterspell it. The counterspell fails and the drow fills the bridge with a cloudkill spell. Diath and Paultin fail their saving throw and are choking on the poison gas. The gnomes die and float in the water. As a gnome dies, it pulls a lever and the vessel start to go down.

Strix ends up pushing buttons on a console. An alarm goes off throughout the vessel. A drow rushes Diath and stabs him for 5 points of damage. Another drow stabs Strix for 6 points.

The Flood[ | ]

Elsewhere, Squiddly spots a diving suit. It is airtight. He whispers to the other kids, "OK. We're going to pile into that suit." Jenks is in the torso area, Simon and Nat are in the legs. Squiddly gets on Jenks.

Evelyn tries again to shut the hatch, but the water coming through is too strong.

Diath tells a drow that everyone is going to drown. It says, "Not me."

A drow casts lightning bolt on Diath and Strix. Strix counterspells it.

A gnome voice speaks through an intercom, "I can't help but notice that we're going down!" The gnome tells Strix how to make the vessel ascend.

Strix casts passwall underneath the feet of the drow wizard, hoping to dump it into a hole and then turn off the spell. The drow leaps out to the way as it forms. Water erupts through the hole and begins to fill the area.

The vehicle hits something and tilts.

Diath spots two drow who were charmed by Paultin. They are trying to activate a bilge system to flush out the water. The kids, in the diving suit, slide into the room where the adventurers are and sink to the bottom window. Squiddly spots a shimmering reptilian dragon swimming around in the briny depths. He also spots a shipwreck which the submarine might have just collided with.

Evelyn continues to try to shut the hatch, but is unable to make it happen. She begins to cry in frustration.

Jarlaxle is on the aft section of his ship, looking at bubbles in the water. He tells his crew, "I think I may have underestimated them."

A drow casts darkness, but Paultin counterspells it.

Strix tries to dispel her passwall and fails. The water rises and merges with her tears. Her hat starts to float away. She swims after it.

The drow pull a lever and are able to steer the submarine in a safe direction.

The kids, in the diving suit, try to swim up. Paultin casts animate object on the diving suit. The suit is able to swim up and rejoin the group.

Evelyn Is Drowning[ | ]

Out in the hall, the nimblewright stabs Evelyn two more times and drops her. Her body washes into the main room where the other heroes are. Her heavy armor sinks her right to the bottom. She makes her death save, but also takes an automatic failure because she is drowning. Diath dives down and pulls her body up to the bridge area.

Strix casts word of recall, bringing her, Evelyn, and the kids minus Simon appear back in Trollskull Manor. Simon is not willing, so he does not go with Strix. Diath, Paultin and Simon are still in the submarine.

Paultin grabs Simon, swims through the hole, and is about to cast dimension door. He is in the dark water, and is able to determine which way up is. Paultin and Simon teleport to the surface of the water near the Eyecatcher. Two figures leap of the ship onto surfboards made of waves.

Meanwhile, Evelyn rolls a death save and gets her second success.

Diath is still in the submarine. The nimblewright attacks him and does 21 points of damage. Diath provokes from it and takes another 14 points. Diath swims over to the diving suit and puts it on. He misty steps out into the water and is able to slowly swim to the surface.

A big creature comes up underneath him. Its big metallic wings start to envelop him and it hauls Diath up to the surface, then lets him go.

The dragon fends off the waveriders, and Paultin and Diath are able to escape.

Strix realizes that Waffles, the owlbear, is still on the ship.

End of Session.