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This is Episode 139 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 139 - Where's Waffles?[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Amy T. Falcone) Walnut Dankgrass - Wood Elf Druid

The group had previously made a deal to sell the robe of the archmagi to Acquisitions, Inc. Part of the Acquisitions, Inc. headquarters exploded at the PAX East live game.

Regrouping[ | ]

Strix is conscious with 3 of the kids with Evelyn in the Waffle House panic room. Strix heals Evelyn for 8 points.

Meanwhile, Diath, Simon and Paultin are on an island south of Waterdeep. Simon skips a starfish across the water, rolling a natural 20 to do so. Diath is able to convince a ship to give them a ride across to Waterdeep, giving them just enough time to take a short rest. Simon points out that there is probably treasure in the submarine.

In the Waffle House, Strix and Evelyn find Walnut waiting for them. Walnut says she is here for Jim Darkmagic's cloak. The group realizes Paultin has it.

In the boat, Paultin is wearing the cloak. Diath says he's sorry about the loss of Strahd von Chairovich. Paultin says the chair was special because he made it special. He says he is holding out faith that cool stuff that gets taken away from him will come back around again.

Diath notices that Jarlaxle's ships are leaving port. Diath is aware that Waffles is still on one of those ships.

Walnut turns into a hawk and flies to the harbor, where she spots Diath and Simon in the boat. Walnut, in hawk form, catches a fish and lands in the boat. Strix and Evelyn fly over and join the group at the dock. Evelyn decides to fly over to Jarlaxle's ship to try to get Waffles back.

As Evelyn flies closer, she sees the ships beginning to interlock. The Eyecatcher is in the center. She sees that the people on board are setting up for a party. Evelyn calls out, asking for her owlbear back. She is ignored, so she lands on the deck and heals herself for 15 points with lay on hands.

Walnut turns into a crocodile, and Strix enlarges her. The group gets on and rides close to the ship. As they near the ship, the bronze dragon's head rises up out of the water and opens its mouth. The heroes swiftly changes course. The dragon apologizes and offers to help them. The dragon's name is Zelifarn.

A crewmember tells Evelyn that Captain Besham took the owlbear.

Zelifarn picks up the crocodile and the group and flies into the air.

The crew tells Evelyn to talk to the admiral, as admiral Zord was last given the owlbear. Evelyn flies up and informs the group. Strix uses thaumaturgy on Paultin, making his voice very loud. He commands them to release the owlbear. One performer, a 700 pound man, shouts up, "He wants the owlbear. I say we give it to him!" He holds up a haunch. "Come help yourself! It tastes great!"

Paultin gets the feeling that the crew is under the effect of a charm spell. Paultin dispels the charm, and the big man holds his head, stumbles, and falls on some people. The crew informs them that they're probably eating Waffles right now.

The contract Walnut has is magically binding. She tries to get Jarlaxle to agree to hand over Waffles immediately. The group enters and Walnut gets Strix to grab the ring and Strix pretends to eat it. Talastin seems very frustrated.

Talastin pulls Evelyn out of the room and explains that Waffles is in the ring. She further reveals that she is not Talastin - she is Laeral Silverhand, Open Lord of Waterdeep.

Negotiating With Jarlaxle[ | ]

The dragon places the group on the ship. Strix checks out some of the meat. Evelyn heads to Jarlaxle's room. She offers a quick prayer to Lathander and casts aura of vitality, allowing her to heal creatures 2d6 hit points every round. Then she kicks open the door. In the room is a table with food on it. Seated at the table is Jarlaxle, the other is high priestess of Lathander, Talastin Derragon.

Jarlaxle says Evelyn used to talk like this to him many years ago before he directed her to where she is today. He knew her father and likes to check in on her once in a while. He says he helped raise her. Talastin says that it is true. Evelyn is angry and begins to rant. Talastin casts silence. The spell's radius reaches the top deck of the ship, and Walnut dispels it.

Talastin says that Evelyn does not know how to behave. Evelyn says that Talastin should not be silencing her fellow priests. Evelyn lunges, trying to grab Jarlaxle, but he evades her. Paultin closes the door and then kicks it in. The heroes pile into the room.

Jarlaxle slithers over to Walnut and tries to kiss her hand. He says that Waffles is safe, and that the group will get her back once the heroes bring him the stone of golorr.

Jarlaxle tells Walnut that he'll grant any wish she might have. Walnut recoils from him.

Paultin banishes Talastin. Diath asks Walnut to draft a contract between the group and Jarlaxle. He applies perfume to himself. When Walnut consults with the group, they point out that the perfume ha a charm effect. Walnut, being an elf, realizes that the charm effect won't work on her.

As walnut negotiates with Jarlaxle, Talastin slips Walnut a ring. Rolling a natural 20 on her sleight of hand check, Walnut quietly puts the ring on. Talastin tells Jarlaxle he should send these people on their way. Laeral further says that she is very happy with what Evelyn said to Jarlaxle.

Evelyn enters the room, pulls out the Heart of Spinelli and sets the contracts on fire. Evelyn says the group has Waffles, and the next time she sees Jarlaxle, he's dead.

The group gets on the dragon. For a moment, it looks like Jarlaxle is going to fight the dragon, but they fly away. They consider dropping a fireball on the ship but decide against it. They steal the flag of the ship.

Zelifarn brings the group close to the shore. The magic wards of Waterdeep block Zelifarn from entering the city. Strix gives the dragon a soggy, wet pie. Then he dives into the water and leaves.

Completion of Sale[ | ]

Later, the group signs the papers pertaining to the robe of the archmagi. Walnut gets the cloak, and the group gets a waiver for 50,000 gp.

Diath hands Walnut a sack of 600 gold pieces, money owed to her.

The group is excited to have so much money in the bank. Evelyn wants to use some of it to renovate.

The heroes look at the ring that contains Waffles. After some careful examination, Evelyn uses her axe and smashes the stone in the ring. There is a big flash of light...

End of Session.