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This is Episode 141 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 141 - Chain Reaction[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

The Waffle Crew wants to find the stone of golorr, a magic item that can locate the Vault of Dragons, where 500,000 gp is resting. The stone was stolen from the group by imps linked to the Cassalanters.

Money Problems[ | ]

Diath awakens from a nightmare. Sweat is pouring off his brow. In the dream, he was pulling dwarves up a mountainside as Maegara is burning below them. He let go of the rope, burned his hand, and couldn't hold on to the rope. The dwarves fall into the mouth of Maegara.

Since their home burned, Trollskull Manor is in poor shape. The group sleeps in Paultin's magic hut.

The heroes check on their home. Strix realizes she'll need to order cooking supplies. The group was really counting on that 50,000 gp from the sale of the robe of the archmagi. The kids want to go panhandling to raise some money.

Diath wants to go to the Cassalanters to get the stone. The group needs the money. He asks the adventurers to help him, and they react with shock.

Return to Cassalanter Villa[ | ]

Cassalanter Villa is due west from where the group lives. When they arrive, they see that the gates are closed but there are no visible guards. Paultin approaches a servant and claims to be a singing attorney. She tells him to please leave. They spot Alice Kelladonna on the grounds. Alice is a city guard that Diath solved a case with. Alice sees Diath and opens the gate. She asks him if he's here on business. After some discussion, the group reveals to her that there is a chain devil on the premises. Alice's orders are to stand guard on the estate.

Once inside, Evelyn reaches out with her divine sense and detects the presence of one evil fiend. She thinks it is the chain devil, who was once one of the Cassalanter's children.

Further investigation reveals a guard torn in half. They further come upon the corpse of a tiefling manservant swinging from chains.

Concerned, the group debates leaving and returning. Strix wants Paultin to cast locate object to find the stone of golorr. They try locate object but they don't sense it. Strix thinks it might be in a bag of holding.

Suddenly, chains explode through the ceiling, grab Paultin, and pull him up.

Fighting the Chain Devil[ | ]

Paultin hits it with a thunderwave, which knocks him free and he falls back among the group. The heroes hear the chains in the walls. The heroes fight the chains, and Diath is pulled up into the crawlspace of the ceiling. It uses another chain to ensnare Evelyn and pulls her into the crawlspace, too.

The chain devil is defeated and the group explores a bit. The group spots 6 dead guards. The chain devil has trashed the room, and everything is dripping with blood and gore. Halfway up a staircase is the corpse of the kids tiefling nanny. They hear music coming from the level above - a harpsichord.

Paultin heads up there and sees the chain devil playing a harpsichord. Dancing around the room is a ballroom mannequin, doing a circle around Paultin. It begins speaking Infernal, but Paultin doesn't understand the language.The mannequin wants to dance with Paultin. He does so. Paultin can lead or follow. He decides to follow.

Strix speaks to a dying servant. The servant tells Strix that Osvaldo has escaped - freed by the father of evil. It was the lady of the house. "She should not have hurt you."

Strix realizes that Asmodeus, the lord of the nine hells, is behind this. She heads upstairs. She sees Paultin, the mannequin, and the chain devil. Strix speaks Infernal, and asks the chain devil not to hurt her friends. Diath and Evelyn crash through the walls, tossed into the rooms by the chains.

Osvaldo explains that his brother and sister have a date with the nine hells.He explains that the Black Viper stole the stone of golorr. He also reveals the corpses of the Cassalanters. They've been torn to pieces. Osvaldo explains that the vault of dragons is in an old tower in the Sea Ward. Three keys are needed to open the vault:

  • An animated construct
  • A beholder eyestalk
  • A gift from a queen

He also says that in ancient Infernal, Diath means "shard of divinity/"

He explains that Asmodeus has forbade him from harming Strix. She is too important to him. He calls the group "The guardians of his child."

Osvaldo plays the rest of the tune and then stops. It glares at the group.

Evelyn attacks the chain devil. She hits it for a total of 82 points of damage. The chain devil collapses through the chair it was sitting on. It clings to the barest thread of life. Evelyn is put off, as it isn't putting up a fight.

The group finds the other two kids and starts to flee the estate. Alice draws her sword, points it at Evelyn and tells Diath that Asmodeus won't allow it.

End of Session.