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This is Episode 2 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 2: Dance Card[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

Journey to The Church[ | ]


We learn that Strahd has visited Ireena twice in the night. She is not a full vampire, but she's on her way.

Her father is in a coffin, surrounded by wilting flowers. He "died from fright." He needs to be buried in a consecrated area.

The heroes agree to take the coffin to the church and bury him. Ismark, Ireena's brother, warns the group that they should avoid the church because they hear a lot of screams coming from it. The church is run by a priest named Donavich. Ireena puts on armor, grabs a sword, and picks up the coffin.

The group carries the coffin to the church. Along the way, Paultin jumps on the coffin and plays a tune. This music attracts wolves in the mist. The mist begins to swirl around the heroes.

The doors to the church have claw marks on them and have been scarred by fire. Evelyn bravely enters.

The Church[ | ]

A young man under the floorboards of the church yells out, "Father! I'm starving!" It's Doru, Donavich's son. The priest is behind the altar, praying/weeping. Strix gives him a snack - a cracker that is possibly dotted with pocket lint.

Donavich explains that "the devil" turned his son into a monster. He tells the heroes not to say Strahd's name out loud. Strix refers to him as Mr. S-Pants or "The" S-Pants. It turns out that Strahd turned Donavich's son into a vampire. The priest can't bring himself to kill his son.

The group steels themselves and heads down into the basement. Doru is indeed a vampire spawn. Evelyn immediately moves to smite him.

The Vampire Spawn[ | ]

Evelyn charges the vampire spawn and rolls an 11 (+6 to hit, so 17 total). With divine smite she does a total of 26 points!

For the majority of this battle, Jared rolls extremely poorly. He keeps throwing his dagger, missing, picking it up and throwing it again. The DM's dice are on fire. He succeeds on almost every save, nullifying most of the spell attempts.

The vampire spawn tries to run up the stairs and out of the building to escape the onslaught. Paultin casts discordant whispers. Evelyn rolls a natural 1 and misses. Strix hits it with a ray of frost, slowing it down.

The spawn tears into Evelyn (critical hit, doing 13 damage!). She is bloodied from a single swipe.

Covered in ice, the vampire spawn tries to run up the stairs. Diath rolls, picks up his dagger and throws it in "one badass motion." He misses.

Evelyn comes over and hits the vampire spawn with ensnaring strike. The vampire is wrapped in massive, thorny vines that strain to keep him in place, but the vampire spawn makes his save and plows through them.

Strix casts chromatic orb and injures it. The vampire spawn ascends the stairs. Paultin slices it, but his weapon does not affect it. Evelyn hacks into it with Lightfall.

Strix is dismayed to see that the vampire spawn's wounds are healing due to regeneration.

Out of the Church[ | ]

The spawn is upstairs and ends up impaled on Ireena's blade. With the blade still stuck in it, the spawn runs out of the church. Paultin hits him with more dissonant whispers. Diath chucks a flaming flask of oil at it, which hits.

Strix teleports using misty step and chases the vampire spawn, who is still on fire. A wolf bites her leg to try to trip her up. Paultin hits it with whispers and then Diath runs up and hacks into the wolf, rolling the first natural 20 in combat of the campaign. He kills it in one shot.

The vampire gets away, with Ireena's sword still stuck in him.

The group gets to burying Kolyan, the dead dad. Then they look around and see that they are surrounded by about 24 wolves. The pack of beasts stares at the group with evil eyes.... and that's where we stop.