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This is Episode 26 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 26: The Greater Good[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Liisa) Arabelle - Vistani

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

Arabelle[ | ]

The heroes are on the boat in the lake, accosting the man (his name is Bluto) who is trying to drown Arabelle.

Paultin arrives, riding on Valentina. He's heading straight for Van Richten, who is on the shore. Paultin knows Van Richten killed his parents, but he doesn't know why. Paultin grabs him. Van Richten hits Paultin with his cane.. and rolls a 20. Paultin takes 11 points of damage.

Paultin rides off with Van Richten.

Strix grabs the sack with the girl in it and gets back to the shore. Strix takes Arabelle out of the sack. Arabelle says she was playing the "hide and go seeking" and Bluto put her in a sack.

Strix uses thaumaturgy to shout at Paultin to stop.This loud noise attracts the attention of a mysterious person in the woods.

Bluto starts choking Diath. Bluto ends up in the lake, sinking. The group is pretty much fine with Bluto drowning.

Van Richten's Crime[ | ]

Paultin casts suggestion on Van Richten, but he makes his save. Van Richten says he spared Paultin's life way back when. Paultin's family was responsible for the death of his son, Erasmus. Van Richten says that if the group defeats Strahd... "I will let you kill me." They shake on it.

There's an elk off in the distance. Van Richten makes a check, rolls a natural 20! He knows who it is. It's the mad mage in a magical disguise.

Van Richten realizes that he somehow lost the hag pin. Diath actually stole it from him the day before. The hag pin is needed for the ritual.

Van Richten gives Paultin one of his private journals so that he could read it and understand the full story of what happened with his parents.

Evelyn is suspicious of this whole thing. She decides to cast zone of truth on Paultin and Van Richten. She is worried that Paultin is made of snow again.[1]

Van Richten explains that the group must use the hag pin on the little girl for the ritual to work. One prick of the hag's pin would kill her, just as it would Paultin. The group isn't too keen on killing Arabelle.

The more powerful the vistani, the more powerful the receptacle. Van Richten explains that the little girl has great power.

Evelyn accidentally walks into the zone of truth and blurts out that she love Paultin. The whole group goes "we know," even Van Richten.

Arabelle has had nightmares about Van Richten. She utters a curse - she's trying to blind him. He makes his saving throw. Van Richten almost stabs her, but backs off.

The Debate[ | ]

Arabelle says that her dad runs the nearby vistani camp and he'll reward them with anything, including waffles. The group perks up.

Diath points out that the group need chicken eggs for this ritual and that the vistani has the chickens.

Paultin tells the little girl she's being selfish for not wanting to be stabbed by the hag pin. She isn't happy about this and tries to pick his pocket. Evelyn is watching. Arabelle steals his eyes of charming. Evelyn calls her out and Paultin gets his item back.

The waffle crew has a debate over whether to stab the kid with the pin. Evelyn insists that the group are heroes and they are not killing a kid. She says that they are not leaving Barovia until Strahd has been dealt with, even if the vistani could get them out.

The group heads toward the vistani camp. A dusk elf is in the woods and calls out to her. The dusk elf is part of the vistani camp.

The Vistani Camp[ | ]

At the camp, Arabelle's dad, Luvash, is whipping a guy for losing her in the first place. Luvash is overjoyed to see his daughter alive. He rewards them with treasure.

Luvash has a big treasure hoard, divided up into boxes and containers. The group is allowed to take one container. The heroes convince him to give them two.

Strix assumes gaseous form and goes through each container. She goes into a rolled-up carpet but she can't make out what is in there. Chris describes it as if there is a lump in it and indicates that there is something inside.

Luvash tells them that one of the containers had a diamond in it (Diath needs one for his resurrection power) but Strix says there isn't one. Luvash gives a hearty laugh. He lied. He's so jolly about it that the group can't help but cut him some slack.

The group chooses the carpet and unrolls it. That's where the session ends.