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This is Episode 31 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 31: Let There Be Light[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Mark) Ezmerelda - Vistani/vampire

The Sunsword[ | ]

This is the final episode of season 1 of Dice, Camera, Action.

The adventurers come to a room with furnishings made of bones. Seated in a chair at the table is Ezmerelda. She is holding a hilt of a sword. It's the Sunsword! She hands it over. This is the last item they need to use against Strahd.

The heroes talk about the little Strahd doll they have. It is empowered to defeat Strahd. Strix is using to use it.

The group takes a short rest. Paultin attunes to the Sunsword.

Once the rest is over, the castle shakes. The group thinks that the mad mage has destroyed the Heart of Sorrow, which means that Strahd has lost some of his magical protection (the heart absorbs the first 50 points of damage that Strahd takes).

Ezmerelda says the group might have to knock her out, as she is a vampire spawn and Strahd can control her. Evelyn hugs her and Ezmerelda barely stops herself from biting her neck.

Ezmerelda gives Diath a silvered short sword.

The group is going back to where they heard the organ music. They think that is where Strahd is.

Dinner With Strahd[ | ]

There's a table with rotting food. The pipe organ is there, but no Strahd.

Strahd is not here, but Gertruda is. Diath notices a tiny emaciated man crawling on the underside of the table. He yells "Evelyn, look out!" Diath stabs him through the table.

Evelyn hits the creature with Lightfall. It does +2d6 radiant damage to undead. She does 28 damage to it. She sees that it is Doru, the vampire spawn from the church.[1] He fails his saving throw and turns to ashes.

Gertruda says that Strahd told her that if she wants to go to him, she has to play dead. Strix suddenly has a great idea. Play "dead" on the organ. Paultin hits the notes D, E, A, and D and a secret door opens.

Paultin uses his charm to win over Gertruda. The group convinces her that he's a prince.

Paultin's Shadow[ | ]

The adventurers go down a set of stairs past the secret door. Suddenly, Paultin's shadow steals the Strahd doll and flees up the stairs. It closes the secret door, which can't be opened from the inside. There's little holes in the wall. Strix casts gaseous form and passes through them.

She sees that the shadow is whispering to Gertruda. The shadow looks like Paultin with bat-like wings. It gives Gertruda the doll and tells her to guard it with her life. She runs as the shadow attacks Strix.

The shadow hits Strix and drains 4 points of her strength. She now has a strength of 6. If the shadow drops her to 0 strength, she becomes a shadow.

Paultin shouts instructions and Strix plays the notes on the organ. The secret door opens. Paultin attacks his shadow with the Sunsword. He misses, but it recoils from the light.

Evelyn attacks the shadow. She rolls a natural 20. It is completely destroyed. Paultin no longer has a shadow of any kind.

The group catches up to Gertruda. Strix takes off Gertruda's scarf and sees many bite marks on her neck. Gertruda drops the doll. They leave Gertruda here and go back into the secret stairwell.

Mother's Tomb[ | ]

The stairwell connects to one of the crypts down below.

Diath sees that the door at the bottom of the stairs is trapped - it has a glyph of warding on it. Diath disarms it, rolling a 24 on his check.

They find the mother's crypt. There's a landing with two statues and a shimmering blue curtain blocking the way down further.

The group messes with the blue curtain. Diath touches it and is teleported back to the top of the stairs.

Cyrus Belview, the mongrelfolk lackey, is walking through the crypts. Paultin casts suggestion on him and makes friends. Cyrus tells the group that only people good of heart can pass through the curtain of energy.

Cyrus thinks Evelyn isn't good-hearted, which makes Strix laugh heartily.

Evelyn is able to squeeze through the gap in the side of the curtain. Strix dimension doors herself and Diath past the curtain. Paultin tries to go through the curtain, but he's teleported back.

So it's just Evelyn, Strix and Diath down there. They see Strahd.. he has thrown himself on his mother's sarcophagus and he is distraught. His weeping is interrupted by Diath and Strix arguing about trying to get Paultin and Ezmerelda past the curtain.

The Final Encounter[ | ]

Everyone rolls initiative.

Initiative Order:

Ezmerelda: She wants to help Paultin get in to the room, but there seems to be no way to do so.

Diath: He tries to make Strahd talk, so that he can buy time for the others to get in here. "These tombs. Your parents?" Strahd explains that the spirits of his parents don't approve of the pact he made with the dark powers.

Strahd: He's just talking, not using his legendary actions (which allow him to do things at the end of other people's turns).

Strix: Continues the conversation.

Evelyn: She pulls out the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind. Evelyn compels him in the name of the Morninglord. She uses the icon to try to paralyze him. He fails his save. He can auto-make this saving throw with his legendary resistance, but he doesn't.

Strahd is perhaps so distraught that he can't shake it off just yet.

Paultin: He casts invisibility and is able to squeeze through the side of the curtain.

Diath: He casually walks around to the front of the tomb. He condemns Strahd for bringing pain to all of the people of Barovia. Strahd can't respond because he is paralyzed. Diath senses no remorse at all.

Strahd: Is paralyzed.

Strix: Pulls out the doll and sticks it in Strahd's face. Opposed charisma check. Strix rolls a 22. She wins! Chris is surprised that she rolled so high. The doll's mouth opens and sucks Strahd inside of it!

Evelyn: She tries to use moonbeam on the doll. No effect.

Paultin: He is about to stab the doll with the sunsword, but Ezmerelda stops him. Ezmerelda knows that if Paultin destroys the doll, Strahd will be free and he'll reappear somewhere else.

Ezmerelda: She thinks maybe the best bet is to take the doll out of Barovia.

Strahd is imprisoned!

Aftermath[ | ]

Ezmerelda can never leave Barovia. She puts her stuff on the ground. She wants to be slain.

Paultin's going to do it with the sunsword. Strix insists on watching. Ezmerelda tries to console Strix and Ezmerelda can't resist the bloodlust. She tries to bite her, but misses.

Paultin tries to cast sleep on her, but vampires are immune. Ezmerelda pretends to fall asleep to make it easier on them. He stabs her. She turns to ash.

Diath breaks the hag pin and throws it on the floor.

They leave the castle and they see that the rain has turned to snow. The clouds actually clear and the group can see the sky for the first time.

Then they see a glimmer of sunlight. Evelyn hugs everybody and says how proud she is. Strix points out that everyone's dead. Evelyn: "I just love your realism."

Strix thinks the group needs to give this doll containing Strahd's soul to someone powerful in Waterdeep.

The group gets in the coach. The drawbridge is down. Light strikes Castle Ravenloft for the first time in centuries.

Evelyn wants to get Dee, whose fate is still unknown. They're not going to get her. On the far side of the drawbridge is a large elk. It's Mordenkainen. He nods to the group and runs off into the forest.

Evelyn summons Mourning Glory, who is no longer an undead horse. Now she is a majestic magic steed. Evelyn asks Strix to get on. She says no. She asks Paultin. He declines. She asks Diath. Diath gets on.

Strix puts a note on a hag potion that says "For Izek." She leaves it in the snow. She hopes it will kill him somehow.

The others walk through the mist and leave Barovia at last. Paultin looks back at the castle. Takes his last swig of wine. Then he goes through the mist, too.

Back in the black carriage, something emerges from underneath. It's Murderbot. He gives an evil grin right into the camera. He is going through the mists, too. End of Session.

Chris asks the players to name their favorite moments from season one:

  • Jared: Taking the dark pact.
  • Anna: When the group fought the tree monster.
  • Nate: When he was Batman.
  • Strix: Everything involving Izek.