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This is Episode 35 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 35: Fee, Fi, Fo and Fum[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Satine) Lafaria - Dryad

Journey to Citadel Adbar[ | ]

The owlbear, Hootie McHootface, is part of the party now. Strix actually rides around on Hootie as if it was a mount. She feeds Hootie a lot of waffles.

The group is about to head out into the wilderness with Zog, the dwarf on stilts. They'll be helping Zog deliver a message to Citadel Adbar. The journey should take about 20 days.

As he packs for the trip, Zog drops some items. He has a giant diamond that is worth at least 1,000 gp. Diath can use that for his resurrection power. The group quietly notes this, excitedly.

The crew travels for a week without incident. During the nights, they let Hootie sleep in the hut. Strix needs the owlbear for warmth.

During the second week of travel, a huge windstorm hits. Evelyn is separated from the group. She was riding on Mourning Glory and was enjoying the splendor of nature and got carried away. Chris says that this is his way of explaining Anna's absence.

The Dryad[ | ]

The heroes come upon a hill with a tree and a cave. The group messes with the tree and suddenly Lafaria, a dryad appears. This is Satine's character.

She asks them why they are damaging her tree. Strix and Diath panic and run. Eventually, the group befriends her.

Zog is shocked when he finds out that Strix is a female.

Lafaria lets the group sleep in her cave. As the night rolls on, the dryad realizes that giants are coming. Lafaria wakes up the group and warns them. They can feel the earth trembling as the giants get closer.

A giant bellows, "I smell the blood of a human!"

The group takes a peek outside the cave. One giant is twice as big as the others. She sends her three underlings toward the cave.

Paultin tells Murderbot to get ready to kill.

They are hill giants. The big one is female screaming for food. Her name is Fum.

Paultin tries to convince the giants that the heroes aren't a filling meal. The giants decide to eat the tree instead. The tree is Lafaria’s home and she is not too happy about that idea. The group goes to battle with the giants.

Hill Giants[ | ]

The dryad has a branch of her tree pick up Strix, who casts fireball at the giants. The owlbear attacks a giant.

Hootie bloodies a giant. Hootie gets hit for 38 points! in response, and Hootie is almost dead.

A giant tries to push over the tree. Paultin casts fear on Fum and she fails her saving throw. She flees, but her husbands are still fighting. The group is quite amused that all of the males are her husbands.

A giant drops Diath to 0 hit points. Diath is about to start making death saving throws.

A giant bites Lafaria for 12 points. Murderbot fires a dart into a giant's butt and kills it.

Diath rolls a death save and gets a natural one. That counts as two failures. One more and he's dead for good. Strix misty steps over to him and tries a heal check to stabilize him, but she rolls a 5. She stuffs snow in his mouth, hoping maybe that will help. It does not.

As the battle rages on, Diath rolls another death save. He rolls a 14. Strix tries to stabilize him again. She fails the check. Zog comes over to help and he is able to stabilize Diath.

Lafaria goes down. Paultin goes down again.! Both of them are making death saving throws. It's just Strix and Zog versus two hill giants. Then Zog goes down. It's all up to Strix. Two giants are still standing.

She tries to scare off the giants with thaumaturgy, creating a shadow demon bigger than it. She rolls really bad.

She is hit. She takes 16 damage, but she's still up. She lets out a hellish rebuke. The group is wishing that Evelyn was here.

The giant staggers back. Murderbot fires a dart into it. It dies! The other giant flees, trying to catch up with his wife.

Lafaria is about to die. She's breathing her last breath and is beyond saving.

Lafaria rubs sap on Strix's head. She says: “Hellstroth dons his elven crown.” Strix has gained a boon from Lafaria - the power to polymorph. She can cast the polymorph spell on herself a few times. End of session.