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This is Episode 37 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 37: Royal Rumble[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

Arrival at Citadel Adbar[ | ]

The heroes arrive at Citadel Adbar, the place where Zog was trying to deliver a message, but Zog died last session.

The group is permitted to enter, and they explore the settlement inside. Chained to a dais is an ogre. Children are pelting it with rocks. Diath has flashbacks to when that happened to him in Barovia.

The group is happy to see that there are shops here. Evelyn buys some clothes and is quite excited to get out of her Barovian garb. She wants white and gold clothing. She spends 20 gold on it.

Diath wants to buy actual adventuring supplies. Strix tries to sell a hag's heart, but it doesn't go so well. Simon aka Murderbot holds Paultin's hand and looks around suspiciously. The dwarves seem to be quite curious about him.

Simon starts juggling, Paultin plays accompanying music. The dwarves gather round. Evelyn says proudly, "That's my family."

Elizart Urgray, a dwarven noble, wants to hire Paultin to be a performer. He offers a five year deal. The group can stay with them. Paultin doesn’t agree to the deal, but the crew will stay with them, at least for the night.

Lore of the Citadel[ | ]

The group eats with the clan. They learn that the king has a bounty out on certain monsters. He pays 10 gp per orc head and 100 gp per giant head.

The adventurers learn that these dwarves mixed with a "lower" clan and there are still some lingering racial divisions over it. The dwarves suffered during the War of the Silver Marches and apparently King Harnoth isn't doing so well. The dwarves say that the King has been acting strangely.

The group avoids drinking dwarven booze, except for Paultin. Paultin is able to handle it just fine. He does get pretty drunk, though.

A drunk dwarf has taken a shine to Strix. He follows her around and tries to work up the courage to ask her out. Strix becomes alarmed at this and casts a spell to turn herself into Strahd. The other heroes see Strahd and freak out. Strix then casts gaseous form and slides into the vents to make a strategic withdrawal.

Later, a nice old lady dwarf gives Strix a 1,000 gp diamond to replace the one that the group used to bring Zog back to life.

Paultin sleeps in a dwarf-sized bathrobe. The group is extremely amused by this, particularly when it is determined that he is not wearing any pants. He's still a bit drunk.

Meeting with the King[ | ]

The group is roused that same night to go before the king. They meet with the king, and see that his advisers are unsettled and somewhat upset. A large group of dwarven guards with mithril shields looks on.

The king explains that he had sent out a dwarf champion named Jasper Dimmerchasm to check out giant activities and he has gone missing. He goes on to say that Fire Giants are gathering in an old forge called Ironslag. The King wants to know why the giants are there and what they’re doing. The King asks the group to go see what's happening there and report back.

Ironslag was, at one time, a place that forged magic weapons.

Diath says they'll do it if the dwarves will help them get to Waterdeep. Agreed! The advisers are not happy with the king and are mumbling to each other.

The King wants someone to accompany them. This person’s name is...

Suddenly, the honor guard dwarves drop their shields, pull out their crossbows and one take a shot at the king. The group rolls initiative.

Evelyn didn't bring her weapons. Diath chucks her a dagger.

The dagger is tiny and Jared passes his low-rolling curse to Anna. She is not pleased.

The King is curled up in a ball. A dwarf comes over to defend him. Some of the dwarf guards are attacking, others are trying to stop them.

There is banging on the door. The King wants someone to unlock the doors.

Diath and Evelyn are positioned near the king, fighting three dwarves. Evelyn casts shield of faith and flavors it by handing Diath a little prayer sheet. Diath isn't sure what to do with it.

Murderbot has run out of darts. Paultin busts out the sunsword and hacks into a dwarf.

The doors burst open. A horde of dwarves rush the honor guard and bring them down. The group steps back and watches the "dwarf-on-dwarf" battle royale and shrugs. End of session.