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This is Episode 40 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 40: Big Yak Attack[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Joe) Harshnag - Frost Giant

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

Battling Yakfolk[ | ]

The group tries to sneak through the yakfolk village by having Harshnag and Krak make a distraction. As they are about to cross the village, they see two yakfolk beating slaves to death. The group springs into action.

Strix drops a fireball on the bad guys and then she teleports onto a roof, but it's made of straw. She falls through the straw roof with Waffles, the baby owlbear, and lands in a pile of baskets. She’s in the chief’s hut.

Paultin gets hit by some arrows. A yak tries to hit Diath with some sort of banishment spell, but he makes his save.

A yakfolk summons an earth elemental. It's coming for Diath.

Meanwhile, in the hut, Strix sees three naked elves. There are two males and one female. The males help her up. Jared points out that everything is coming up Strix.

The female elf, Halani, asks if she's come to rescue them. Strix says yes. Strix decides to give them a task. She wants them to put on some clothes and go set some fires.

Paultin casts crown of madness on the chief. It works. The chief turns against the other yakfolk.

Harshnag throws a spear at the water wheel. Natural 20! The wheel collapses and falls down the mountain, making a lot of noise.

Strix climbs out of the hut and.. falls again. She's outside. She fires a magic missile that kills one of the yakfolk.

The earth elemental melds into the ground. The group gets real nervous.

A yakfolk summons a floating weapon which begins to pound on Strix.

Paultin uses thunderwave to send 7 yakfolk falling over the cliff to their doom. Only the chief made his saving throw, and his crown of madness is gone.

Strix dispels the hovering magic weapon. The yakfolk caster shakes her fist ruefully at Strix. Suddenly, the earth elemental pops up out of the ground next to her. It pummels Strix and drops her. Waffles runs toward Paultin.

The priestess summons another spiritual weapon. It appears above Paultin. The chief draws a greatsword that magically bursts into flame! Paultin takes a total of 35 points of damage. He's down.

Paultin had earlier tasked Simon with killing some bad guys. When he sees Paultin go down, he defies the orders and rushes over to him. Simon fires off a dart that kills the chief.

Evelyn casts command on the priestess and tells her to flee. The priestess rolls a one on her saving throw.

Diath spots some halflings wearing nothing more than grass skirts. Diath tells them to beat up the priestess. They do so and are quite effective.

The earth elemental comes after Simon. The group is scared, except for Jared, who hates him. Simon gets squashed. Jared can't stop laughing. The other players are severely distressed.

Harshnag’s giant bird grabs Paultin and is flying him around, keeping him out of harm’s way. Nate actually rolls a 20 on his death save and immediately awakens with one hit point. He sees that Simon has literally been crushed.

Diath drops the priestess to 0 hit points. The group is very dismayed to see that the earth elemental did not vanish when she died.

The elemental attacks Harshnag, and drops him to 0 hit points. As the frost giants teeters on the edge of the cliff. Harshnag tries to grab the elemental and throw it over the side.. but in the struggle, both of them fall over the side and vanish into the waterfall chasm.

Paultin investigates the remains of Simon. Is Simon salvageable? He rolls an intelligence check. Natural one. He thinks Simon is gone forever. Paultin angrily mutters, "Diath will pay for this."

Strix is still lying on the ground, dying, while the group stands over at Murderbot's remains.

Fight is over. Evelyn heals Strix. Paultin yells at Diath and asks him if he thinks it's funny. End of session.