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This is Episode 41 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 41: Evil Inside[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

Freeing the Slaves[ | ]

The group gathers the yakfolk slaves together, most of which are naked. They learn that Jasper, the dwarf from Citadel Adbar is imprisoned in Ironslag.

The group looks for Krak, their dwarf NPC buddy. They find his armor, but he's gone. Evelyn dons on the armor.

The crew loots the village. They find tiki masks, electrum bracers, a spell scroll, 3 potions and a jug with fire genies carved on it which the group gets quite excited about, but doesn't rub.

The crew hands the slaves weapons and stuff to equip them for heir trip home. Two human slaves take no weapons or treasure.

Evelyn figures out that Krak's armor is a magic item: armor of invulnerability, giving her resistance to non-magic weapons!

They identify some of the items:

  •     2 Potions of healing
  •     1 Potion of frost giant strength - makes your Strength a 23 for one hour. Strix takes it, which Chris thinks is funny.
  •     Scroll of knock, which makes Diath feel unneeded.

Halani, the elf prisoner, tells Diath that if he ever comes to her forest, to seek her out to receive a reward. Then she kisses him. 18-year old Diath is overloaded.

They give Speliotha, a dwarf of the Understone clan, a maul. Evelyn makes friends with her immediately and starts copying her speech pattern, which makes the other characters nauseous.

Gifts From the Slaves[ | ]

A halfling slave named Dingus Rathill gets emotional and hugs Diath. Other halflings join in the group hug. Evelyn jumps in too. Strix laughs at them. She can see Dingus's butt peeking out of his grass skirt.

Another halfling named Veriwell gives Diath a gem in the shape of a cat. Diath goes, "You must have worked really hard on this during your slave time”.

She says that she kept it up her butt for three months so that the yakfolk wouldn't find it. The game grinds to a halt as everybody struggles to absorb this information.

It's a stone of good luck. Strix wants it, but has to give it to Diath when the halfling objects. Strix... licks it. Then she hands it over.

The halfling has an adventuring brother named Eliberry, a member of an adventuring crew that wanders around the Silver Marches.

Imposters[ | ]

Evelyn stops two suspicious prisoners before they leave. She figures out that they are yakfolk, shapeshifted.

The yakfolk begin this really gross transformation, where they slowly emerge out of the bodies. Strix polymorphs one into a rat.. so now a tiny yakfolk is crawling out of a rat.

Diath gets a new nickname: "Soft Target" Diath.

Speliotha aka Spaghetti joins the fray and rolls a natural 20. The yakfolk kills Speliotha - cuts her in two! The group kills the yak and as it falls off the cliff, Evelyn snatches the sword. It's magic! It does +2d6 fire damage.

Anna needs to figure out which three items to be attuned to. She reluctantly gives up Treebane.

Evelyn names her sword "The Heart of Spinelli" to honor the dwarf whose name she can't remember. Diath points out that she shouldn't bother using a fire sword against fire giants.

After much planning, the group sneaks into Ironslag. They wander in the mines for a while.

They come upon a room with four dwarf slaves who are waiting for a cart to come down the tracks.

The group wonders aloud if they are high enough level for this dungeon. Then they notice the slaves are guarded by a salamander. End of session.