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This is Episode 44 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 44: Animals in Heat[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Juniper - Mouse

(ProJared) Waffles - Baby Owlbear

(Holly) Mr. Stinky - Cranium Rat

The Hunt For Food[ | ]



Last session, the waffle crew got cornered by a pair of fire giants. Their animal sidekicks fled in terror. In this session, the players play as their animal sidekicks.

The animals can communicate as long as they are within 30 feet of Mr. Stinky, due to his telepathic powers. Stinky is always angry.

They're in a vent. They travel for a bit and come to an intersection. Holly and Anna are worried about Waffles dying. Jared trolls them by claiming that today is the day that Waffles is going to "heroically sacrifice" himself.

Juniper is plump and doesn't exercise much. She climbs onto Stinky and takes a nap. They smell food. It is coming from a room nearby. Stinky and Juniper go in through a grate.

Six goblins enter the room. The group bails out and goes back into the vents.

Paultin's Nap[ | ]

They're in a tunnel... there's a light a ways off. Something is making squishy noises. They want no part of this.

The group flees to the kitchen, where goblins are working. The group hides in an overturned bowl and they try to creep across the room.

After a bit of wandering, they hear a really loud clanging noise. Scared, they decide that they want to find the waffle crew. They end up in a vent heading toward a grate connected to a room.

In the room is Paultin, who is sleeping or unconscious. Next to him is the dao (earth genie) and the golem. Something is trying to bash the door to the room open.

Stinky doesn't like Paultin. Juniper wants to go to him, figuring Evelyn will find him. The group decides to leave him to his fate.

They end up in a hallway where they are spotted by a hell hound. Anna tells Chris to think long and hard before he kills Waffles.

A second hell hound approaches. The group rolls initiative.

The Hell Hounds[ | ]

The hell hounds charge down the hallway.

Stinky stays in the hall, while the other two scamper into the vents. Stinky uses his mental powers to try convince them that a demon is coming. They slow down and circle Stinky. The hounds don't buy it.

He tries to flee, but one of the hounds puts a paw on Stinky's tail. Stinky bites the paw and is able to scramble into the vent. Waffles distracts them and they all flee into the vents.

A hell hound breathes fire into the vent. Waffles rolls a natural 20 on his saving throw. They are able to evade the flames.

They escape the hell hounds and end up on the bucket/conveyer belt. It carries them through the room that contains massive golem parts. The players call it a mech and consider checking it out, but ultimately they decide to keep riding along.

They see that this bucket journey ends with orcs smashing the contents of each bucket to pieces, so they bail out.

Waffles sniffs the air, trying to detect the scent of Strix, who is very smelly. Waffles rolls a natural 20.

Stinky ends up on the "mech".. Stinky climbs inside and ends up pinned in the machinery inside the mech. The hell hounds are here, at the base of the mech, sniffing around.

Waffles, trying to help Stinky, climbs in and gets stuck. Juniper goes in and pushes a lever, but she is too weak to move it. She gets a piece of cable, wraps around it and hands it to Waffles, who pulls.

The whole thing falls over, crushing the hell hounds. Stinky rolls bad, poorly, but lives! Chris points out that everyone in the complex hears this noise. End of session.