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This is Episode 46 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 46: Heartbroken[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

Final Battle[ | ]

The Duke sees that his hell hounds are dead. He’s despondent.

More people enter the hall. It’s Krak Dragonspore in his magic armor, and the golem that Paultin is inside of. Krak tells the group to help to try to help Paultin figure out how to control the golem.

While that is happening, Diath rescues the Waffles, Juniper and Stinky, who were in the rubble. He notices that the cranium rat is wounded. He quickly bandages the wound,

Duchess Brimskarda, her two children enter the room, accompanied by a few more fire giants.

Evelyn sends the heart of the vonindod, which is suspended from the ceiling, crashing to the ground. It is so heavy that it actually cracks the floor.

Strix is still super-strong due to the potion of giant strength. Evelyn is up on a gantry above the floor. Brimskarda, leaps into the air and ends up hanging from it. Evelyn hacks at her fingers with Treebane. One finger from each hand comes off! Brimskarda falls 30 feet to the floor with a loud crash. Strix wants to keep those fingers.

The duke tosses a stone brazier full of hot coals at Evelyn. It strikes her and she falls to the ground, reduced to 0 hit points.

Krak's Secret[ | ]

Krak summons an earth elemental. It has become apparent to the heroes that Krak and the dao are one and the same.

Krak tells the adventurers that the massive doors in this room are magically sealed. Only a fire giant can open them, and they must do so by uttering a specific password.

Diath revives Evelyn with a potion of healing. He rolls well: 10 points! Evelyn is so happy that she jumps on Diath and hugs him and makes him uncomfortable with the nuzzling. Juniper, her mouse, is handed from Diath to Evelyn.

Strix wants to keep the severed finger of a giant, but it is 60 feet away. Strix is struck by a massive flagon thrown by a giant and drops to 0 hit points. Some of the giants attack the golem, but they do no damage. It seems to be immune to non-magic weapons. Evelyn revives Strix.

Krak is getting pummeled by the giants. He strongly urges the heroes to get the doors open.

Paultin tries to trick a giant into opening the doors. He offers a reward, but is having trouble figuring out what the reward is. Evelyn tries to persuade the giant, too, but rolls poorly.

Brimskarda hits the giant on the head and tells the giant to drop Paultin. He does. Once Paultin plops on the ground, she attacks him.

Plan B[ | ]

Krak transforms into a pile of sand and flees. There are many fire giants still alive in here. The golem and the earth elemental are doing virtually all of the damage.

Diath spots a grate. Strix is down, Diath revives her with a potion.

Strix polymorphs into a woolly mammoth. Moths flutter around its black emo hair.

Paultin rolls a death save. Natural 20! He’s up! He stays where he is and pretends to be dead. Evelyn runs over, slings Paultin over her shoulder and flies onto the mammoth using her boots.

The golem and the elemental nearly kill Brimskarda. She turns around and strikes mammoth. Strix reverts to her normal form and is unconscious.

Evelyn is struck and she crashes to the ground, dying.

The iron golem drops another giant. There’s still 4 giants remaining. Diath is right next to Brimskarda, who is badly wounded.

Diath draws his short sword, intent on holding the duchess hostage.

Diath runs up her body, puts his sword at her neck and tells the giants to let them leave, or she dies. Chris wants an intimidate check. He rolls a 10.

Paultin takes what he anticipates to be his last drink. End of session.