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This is Episode 49 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 49 - Distraction Force[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

(Sam Sykes) Kozin Xorlarrin - Drow Fighter

The Drow Prisoners[ | ]

The drow have surrendered to the waffle crew. Evelyn politely welcomes the drow to the light, and offers to take their things. The drow had the iron flask, but now it belongs to the adventurers.

Strix loots a staff with a spider on it. It is sticky. Strix is very into this thing.

The group learns that this delivery was a test for the drow leader. If she had failed to deliver Maegara, she would have been turned into a drider. But she succeeded, much to the disappointment of Kozin.

The dark elves call Kozin a traitor and inform him that Lolth sees all. He asks them, "Does Lolth see this?" and he kills one of the drow with his dagger.

The waffle crew, a bit unsettled, ask the drow for some information about the items.

Vireth, the drow leader, teleports onto a wall about thirty feet away from the group. She casts fly and starts to take off.

Evelyn throws a few javelins at her, but they miss. Strix starts looking through the drow spell book and sees that it has a lot of new spells, including greater invisibility and cloudkill.

Diath flings daggers and rolls well for once! He does a pile of damage to her. The drow is still alive but she’s wounded badly.

Kozin tries to get the dao to help, but the drow gets away.

Distraction Force, Assemble[ | ]

It is time to execute the plan. Strix casts fly on Diath and he flies down the shaft with Kozin. Tey look for a place to hide until the Distraction Force creates a distraction.

Outside, the dao points out that while he was chasing the drow, he found Harshnag's axe.

The group sets up at the door that leads in to Ironslag. Strix creates an illusion of a short frost giant and launches a fireball at the front door. The sound reverberates throughout the complex.

It works. Duke Zalto, a bunch of fire giants and hell hounds all emerge from the doors. Paultin gets mauled by the hounds. Strix casts polymorph on the Duke. It works! Duke Zalto is now a chicken.

Down in the forge, Diath approaches the furnace. Through the grate, he notes that the fire is so bright that he can't look directly at it. In the fire, he senses a pair of malevolent eyes ilooking at him.

Diath speaks the command word to activate the magic iron flask. Maegara gets a saving throw. Maegara fails the saving throw and is trapped in the iron flask.

Evelyn summons Mourning Glory, her horse, in a dazzling display that includes a speech and a wink. Mourning Glory's job is to distract the hell hounds. the plan works well. The hounds are chasing the horse.

The Dwarf Slaves[ | ]

Diath realizes that there are a lot of slaves in Ironslag. Kozin doesn't want to bother with them. Diath decides that he needs to go and try to free them. Kozin grabs chicken-Zalto and leaves Diath to his fate.

Evelyn activates her armor of invulnerability. The hell hounds breathe fire on her, but it does no damage. Evelyn sarcastically pretends to be hurt.

Kuharik, the dao, wants to go find the golem. The group shrugs off his suggestion.

Paultin ends up thunderwaving Evelyn and the hell hounds. Evelyn takes no damage, but is sent flying along with the hounds.

In Ironslag, Diath finds a bunch of prison cells, each affixed with a giant-sized lock. To pick the locks, he'll have to stick his arms in them. This will take a lot of time.

Diath decides to free Maegara to help free the slaves. She's 50 feet tall! Diath burns and all of the dwarf prisoners die. The cells melt from the incredible heat. End of session.