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This is Episode 50 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 50 - Mountain of Ashes[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

Maegara is Freed[ | ]

Diath freed the fire primordial, Maegara, who is a massive, god-like entity made of fire. Her flames are so hot that her very presence kills all of the prisoners that Diath was trying to save.

Diath takes 35 points of fire damage from Maegara and he backs down the hallway. Diath orders Maegara to attack the adamantine heart, but she doesn't speak common. He technically can tell her what to do for one hour, but she doesn’t understand a word he says. Maegara is so hot that she is actually melting the interior of Ironslag.

Diath retreats outside and rejoins the rest of the group. He sees Kuharik fighting a fire giant and Evelyn’s horse Mourning Glory is being chased by hell hounds. Evelyn ended up lying in a pile of hell hounds. They all just got hit with a thunderwave.

Duke Zalto has been turned into a chicken. There is just one fire giant still standing - Paultin had sent two giants running with a fear spell. Strix polymorphs a second giant into a chicken.

All that's left are hell hounds. Evelyn has her armor of invulnerability on, so the dogs can't hurt her. She keeps calling them puppies and tries to play with them. She uses a command spell to send the hell hounds chasing after the fleeing giants.

Strix decides to try to banish the dao because she doesn't want him to gaining possession of iron golem. The dao is working for a sinister dwarf clan.

Maegara's Rampage[ | ]

The group runs away. Here comes Maegara! She emerges from Ironslag and starts immersing creatures in her raging inferno.

The heroes flee, running through the snow. The dao's banishment is over, and he is flying after the group. He's wielding Harshnag's axe. He attacks the waffle crew.

The group tries to trap him in the flask. The first attempt fails. Tries to use a vistani curse. This also fails. Paultin stumbles over something in the snow. It's the corpse of Harshnag's giant bird, killed by Kozin.[1]

Evelyn tries to parlay with the dao. She rolls a 2 on her check. The dao snaps his fingers and her armor of invulnerability vanishes! The dao hacks into her and does 23 points of damage.

Evelyn is hit again for 41 points of damage.

Paultin pulls out his eyes of charming. He tries to persuade the dao to back off, but he rolls poorly. Diath tries to use the flask again. The dao makes his saving throw and then he cuts down Diath.

Strix teleports over to Diath, grabs the iron flask, holds it up and successfully traps the dao in it.

The crew revives Diath and looks back at the mountain. Lava is pouring out of it, and there’s smoke everywhere.

Return to Citadel Adbar[ | ]

The group makes their way back to Citadel Adbar, the home of the dwarves who sent the group here in the first place.

Jasper is at the citadel and with him is the baby owlbear, Waffles. She grew quite a bit since they last saw her. Chris says the owlbear is now 25% bigger than she was. Both Strix and Evelyn call Waffles to come to them. Chris wants persuasion checks. Evelyn with a 21. Strix with a 23. Waffles goes to Strix.

The group does some shopping. Evelyn brings Murderbot's parts to a dwarf toymaker. He can reassemble Murderbot in 7-10 days, and he'll do it for 1,000 gp. Evelyn haggles him down to 500 gp. He agrees to it, but she doesn't actually have 500 gp.

The group joins her and Diath offers to pay. He's got 5 gems worth 100 gold each. Paultin puts his hand on Diath's shoulder and says, "He has two dads now." Diath is not amused.

The group is about to meet with King Harnoth. Paultin spots an attractive bard, and he veers off in her direction.

Strix spots followers of the Morninglord! She notices that their symbols aren't quite right, The group realizes that these symbols are in the Barovian style. Among them is Van Richten. End of session.

The group hits 9th level.