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This is Episode 51 of Dice, Camera, Action.

Summary[ | ]

Episode 51: Bite the Dust[ | ]

The Party[ | ]

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander

(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer

(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue

(Allie) Lilith - Tiefling Bard

This game aired live from the Stream of Annihilation event.

Van Richten Returns[ | ]

The heroes are shocked to see Van Richten among a group of visiting clerics at Citadel Adbar. One of his associates, Sybil, takes an immediate dislike of Strix. Evelyn asks about Dee. No comment from Van Richten.

Sybil says they are from Barovia. She says that a demon has been released from the realm, and they are hunting it.

Evelyn takes a liking to Borkoth, a tall and strong priest. Van Richten pulls the waffle crew aside and tells the heroes that they will actually need to take down Sybil and the other priest.

Lilith Meets the Waffle Crew[ | ]

Lilith is here in Citadel Adbar. She had gotten a sending from Gotsaga the witch: "They're coming for you. Wait for the sun-killer. He and his friends can help."

Last week, Paultin was approaching an attractive bard. That bard is Lilith. Paultin, run by Chris in NPC mode, approaches Lilith. She tries to convince him to hand over his alcohol. She rolls a 20. He hands over his booze and his belt. He wanders away.

Lilith looks at the other heroes. Lilith is a tiefling, like Strix, but she is a vessel for a power of ancient evil.

Gotsaga has a connection with Van Richten. Van Richten tells Lilith his origin. He had to slay his own son, Erasmus. He's the.. "son killer." The group goes 'ohhhhhh' in unison.

Sybil is receiving dreams from the dark powers. The dark powers want to kill Lilith.

Gotsaga killed Lilith's unicorn.Van Richten has a piece of the remains of the unicorn. He found it on an enemy. Strix eats it.

Each character has their own room in the inn of the citadel. They establish a secret knock - 4 knocks with no rhythm.

Setting up for the night, Van Richten creates a magic circle that will prevent the witch from finding Lilith while she sleeps.

Rust Monsters[ | ]

Diath explores Citadel Adbar, and comes upon a rust monster breeding pen. Chris asks Jared to make a perception check. Natural 1.

Jared senses someone watching him. He hustles back to the waffle crew's rooms and delivers a rhythm-less knock. The group thinks there's an ambush coming. They go out to the rust monster area, which is in a place resembling a mining cave.

The bad guys are coming for Lilith.The group comes up with a plan. Strix will make an illusion of her with silent image, and the real Lilith will hide in a mining cart. Then she's going to pop out and drop a stinking cloud on them.

The Gargoyles[ | ]

The group spots an unmoving gargoyle. Diath sees its claws flex a bit. It has four arms.

Sybil leads a bunch of flunkies to the scene. Stinking cloud hits and 6 of the 9 bad guys fail their saving throws.

Paultin slips into the cloud, kills a flunky, and slips back out.

Evelyn throws a javelin and rolls a natural 20 and kills one of the minions.

Strix drops a fireball. She kills Borkoth, the guy that Evelyn liked. His corpse lands at Evelyn's feet. Strix laughs.

Sybil is hurt bad, and calls for aid from the Morninglord.

The gargoyle hasn't done a thing so far. Van Richten is keeping an eye on it.

Sybil is dead. The battle is over.

Van Richten's Issue[ | ]

Something's up with Van Richten. Strix makes an insight check, rolls a natural 20! She can see that Van Richten is whacked out of his mind.

The gargoyle opens its eyes and yawns. It begins to grin and flies out of the cave.

Strix points out the group might have just killed some good guys. Evelyn tackles him and the group ties up Van Richten. The heroes rest. Evelyn prays and thinks everything will be OK.

Strix, Diath and Van Richten suddenly get sick and weak.

Gold lights appear in Van Richten's eyes. He asks Evelyn, "Do you know how many times I've died?"

Lilith explains that her group has been hunting the Soulmonger. There's a death curse. Anyone who has been raised by the dead will slowly die over the next 30 days.

Van Richten says Evelyn can stave off the curse by dying. The group is horrified. End of session.